Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion serve as bedrock values for many organizations. They also drive value creation when embedded as part of a core business strategy. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting team helps clients build the equitable and inclusive businesses of the future.

Organizations often focus their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on the employee experience alone. However, these values can also drive long-term, sustainable advantage by improving the customer journey, product development, innovation agenda, and supply chain. BCG’s proven approach to DEI in business can help organizations build inclusive business models to enhance their talent profile, community impact, and business performance.


Our Approach to Equitable and Inclusive Business Transformation

BCG helps organizations rethink and broaden their DEI strategy from a “do good” requirement to a lever for creating lasting competitive advantage, business opportunity, and societal change.

Our Client Work in Equitable and Inclusive Business

  • Accelerating Supplier Diversity. We helped a global technology company accelerate its supplier diversity program, which is set to increase diversity spending by a factor of five.  
  • Designing for Product Equity. We helped a health care provider design a virtual-first model of care that engaged underinvested patients and assessed digital equity on an annual basis. 
  • Leveraging Data to Drive Diversity and Inclusion Innovation. We partnered with a Latin American telco company to analyze and leverage quantitative and qualitative data for innovation hackathons. Through these hackathons, the organization was able to design a diversity and inclusion intervention that truly elevated its DEI strategy.  
  • Enabling a Socially Transformative Business. We partnered with a global biopharmaceutical company to help make all its current and future patent-protected medicines and vaccines in the US or EU available on a not-for-profit basis to 45 lower-income countries. Leveraging BCG's expertise in portfolio development, regulatory pathways, supply chain platforms, and education for health care practitioners, the company launched an access program that will bring life-saving drugs and vaccines to 1.2 billion people. 
  • Creating a More Diverse and Inclusive Workforce. We helped a Middle Eastern oil and gas company analyze recruiting data to uncover DEI gaps in the talent pipeline. Through the analysis, the company was able to shape new DEI policies and programs for building a more diverse workforce. 

Our Centers of DEI Excellence

Meet Our DEI Consulting Leaders

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting team partners with the private and public sector on creating inclusive businesses, developing DEI strategies, and creating social impact. These are our global leaders on the topic.

Our Insights on DEI in Business

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion