Racial Equity

Companies, organizations, and governments can play a major role in addressing racial inequities. We are committed to helping our clients and society become more inclusive and equitable for all.

A confluence of crises has brought longstanding racial inequities, such as those in health care, economic opportunities, and social justice, into sharp focus. These crises have compelled organizations and their leaders to act—as employers, as members of society, and as economic engines—to advance racial equity and dismantle systemic racism.

Many leaders want to invest in corporate philanthropy and racial-equity initiatives but aren’t sure how to use these levers to achieve impact. They are also looking to understand how to expand their offerings to better serve Black, Latinx, and Asian customers and communities; how to better partner with and enable minority-owned businesses as suppliers; and how to advance, retain, and invest in minority employees.

At BCG, diversity is a core founding value, and we bring our experiences, insight, and expertise to our clients.

Our Approach to Driving Racial Equity and Inclusion

Our racial-equity consultants partner with a range of clients—large corporations, growing businesses, educational institutions, governments, and the social sector—throughout the journey to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Our holistic approach to achieving sustainable impact in DEI is built on three pillars of action.

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Team and Culture in Racial Equity

We collaborate along the entire employee life cycle, helping you recruit in new ways, enhancing retention and advancement, establishing pay equity, and fostering inclusion. Our work includes:

  • Measuring and Tracking Racial Equity. BCG’s proven diversity and inclusion analytics—and our extensive expertise—ensure that you track the right metrics so you can drive change. Through our 100-day value sprint, for example, we can assess the current racial equity perceptions and experiences of your employees, set progress goals, and define your strategy.
  • Implementing Racial-Equity Initiatives. Once we’ve identified your starting point and aspirations, our collaboration takes many configurations, including formalized employee and executive programs, equitable people processes, support for frontline managers, and employee engagement.
  • Transforming Organizational Culture. With corporate purpose as a North Star, leaders develop strategic plans that set and share the vision, establish new ways of working, foster an inclusive culture, develop leaders, and make bold commitments to equality and justice.

BCG’s North America Center for Inclusion and Equity

We are committed to driving measurable change for various racial, ethnic, and cultural groups, including Black and Indigenous people, people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, military service members and veterans, and people with disabilities. We help companies reimagine their business strategy in a way that eliminates systemic bias, sparks broader social change, and creates competitive advantage.


Business Partners
and Practices

When you put your company’s business to work for the greater good as well as your bottom line, both profit immensely. We help you build inclusive strategies, supply chains, products, and distribution channels that advance racial equity and business goals alike.

An Example: Unleashing the Power of Inclusive Banking

How can a company harness the economic power of its business to advance racial equity? Consider the financial sector: finding ways to serve the unbanked and underbanked can add customers and revenue to financial institutions while providing sorely needed solutions for building wealth to Latinx and Black consumers. To these discussions, BCG’s retail banking, public-sector, and racial-equity experts bring knowledge and data about trends, regulations, customer insights, and go-to-market strategies. And BCG Digital Ventures helps identify business innovation opportunities in the field by incubating concepts and commercializing opportunities.

BCG’s Partnerships

BCG partners with leading organizations within the business community to combat systemic racism and advance racial equity and inclusion in society. We highlight a few of these partnerships below:

  • Black Equity at Work Certification with Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT). BCG partnered with MLT to develop a certification that establishes a systematic results-oriented approach to driving real and sustained progress in racial equity in the workplace.
  • Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles. BCG led efforts with the mayor’s office to develop the Racial Equity and Newly Empowered Workplaces (RENEW) pledge and plan. Businesses that take the pledge commit to tracking and advancing minority hiring, advancement, pay equity, and vendor programs. BCG local offices have led similar efforts in Chicago, Seattle, Washington state, and Canada.
  • Business Roundtable on Racial Equity and Justice. BCG collaborates with 200 CEOs to identify corporate actions to address racial injustice within the employment, finance, education, housing, health, and justice systems.
  • CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellowship. As a member of CEO Action for Racial Equity, BCG provides a fellowship to help mobilize the business community to advance racial equity through public policy.

Social Impact Work Advancing Racial Equity

We help our clients reach across both the public and the private sectors to build coalitions and bring rigorous problem solving to seemingly intractable challenges, including racial equity.

BCG’s Social-Impact Investments

  • City of Chicago. BCG works with players across sectors to accelerate innovative approaches to catalyze investments from the public, private, and philanthropic sectors in community development projects in Chicago’s Black and Latinx neighborhoods.
  • Grameen America. Our partnership with this microloan provider aims to enhance access to capital for more low-income Black female entrepreneurs across the United States.
  • City of Atlanta. BCG has collaborated with the city to establish the Use of Force Advisory Council, which examines police policy concerning the use of force and identifies new ways to support public safety.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at BCG: Our US Report

BCG’s inaugural diversity, equity, and inclusion report is an effort to openly and transparently share a snapshot of the progress we’ve made—where we are at this point in the journey and where we’ve committed to go.

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Meet Our Racial-Equity Consultants

Our racial-equity consultants support our clients throughout their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey, meeting them at their unique starting points and helping them advance their business and racial-impact goals.

Are You Bridging or Broadening the Racial Wealth Gap?

To create inclusive workforces and inclusive products, companies must treat inclusion as a business innovation, explains Kedra Newsom Reeves, colead of BCG’s North America Center for Inclusion and Equity. Bridging the racial wealth gap requires committed resources and responsibilities.

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