Racial Equity

Companies, organizations, and governments have a major role to play in advancing racial equity. BCG is committed to helping our clients and society become more inclusive and equitable for all.

A confluence of crises has brought longstanding social and racial equity issues into sharp focus. These crises have compelled organizations and their leaders to act to advance racial equity and dismantle systemic racism.

At BCG, where diversity is a core founding value, we’ve faced the same challenges in our own business and bring our experiences, insight, and expertise to our clients.


Our Approach to Driving Racial Equity and Inclusion

Many leaders want to invest in corporate philanthropy and racial equity initiatives but aren’t sure how to use these levers to achieve impact. They are also looking to understand how to expand their offerings to better serve Black, Latinx, and Asian customers and communities; how to better partner with and enable minority-owned businesses as suppliers; and how to advance, retain, and invest in minority employees.

Our racial equity consultants partner with a range of clients—large corporations, growing businesses, educational institutions, governments, and the social sector—throughout the journey to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Our holistic approach to achieving sustainable impact in DEI is built on three pillars of action:

Team and Culture in Racial Equity

Business Partners and Practices

Social Impact Work Advancing Racial Equity

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BCG’s North America Center for Inclusion and Equity

We help companies reimagine their business strategy in a way that eliminates systemic bias, sparks broader social change, and creates competitive advantage.


Our Insights on Racial Equity

Meet Our Experts in Racial Equity

Our racial-equity consultants support our clients throughout their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey, meeting them at their unique starting points and helping them advance their business and racial-impact goals.

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