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BCG at Davos

We at BCG are excited to send our delegation to join public and private leaders at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos to address global societal and business challenges.

The 2023 theme, “Cooperation in a Fragmented World,” reflected the urgent need for cohesion and collaboration at a time of extreme uncertainty. Societies and businesses around the globe face unprecedented challenges and the threat of prolonged difficulties—war, climate change, energy, economics, the pandemic, and other pressing issues. Solving these crises will take a truly multidisciplinary, multistakeholder approach, with leaders having to take a hard look at the work required to transform today’s obstacles into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Highlights from Davos 2023

BCG Experts Join WEF Panels

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Twinning Energy with Digital

As energy systems undergo once-in-a-lifetime transformations, what solutions are needed to unlock high-priority applications for digital technologies at scale? Watch BCG CEO Christoph Schweizer discuss with other leading experts.

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Beyond the Rainbow: Advancing LGBTQI+ Rights

Recent legal changes and the expansion of LGBTQI+ rights in a number of countries suggest progress. What lessons from these success stories can be applied in other contexts? Watch BCG's Sharon Marcil discuss among other global leaders.

Our Expertise

Each year, our experts look forward to diving deep into conversations with fellow thinkers and leaders to discuss the most pressing topics of the day—business resilience, artificial intelligence, and climate and sustainability among them.

Latest Insights

Meet Our Delegation


The BCG-WEF Partnership

BCG is proud to partner with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to shape public and private agendas and drive sustainable positive impact. Our shared goal is to engage stakeholders and improve business and government outcomes on a global scale. Current collaborations include:

First Movers Coalition

First Movers Coalition

Getting to net zero by 2050 is possible if the right technologies are brought to commercial scale within the next decade. BCG is a founding member of the First Movers Coalition, a group of forward-thinking companies that aim to jumpstart the global demand for critical emerging solutions by mobilizing the necessary investments and lowering costs


Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders

BCG’s Christoph Schweizer and Rich Lesser are members of the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders— a global network of CEOs working to catalyze action in all sectors to deliver on the goals of the Paris Agreement. Rich Lesser also serves as chief advisor to the Alliance.

More from Our Experts

Hear directly from our business resilience experts on what it takes to navigate uncertainty and build a resilient organization.

The Simplicity Imperative

As companies brace for a tough economy, they should root out unnecessary complexity in the business—freeing up funds for new strategic investments.

The Duality of Resilience

In today’s tough environment, companies need to improve cost management while ensuring they are ready for the rebound. A critical element: keeping employees engaged.

Beyond Conventional: Our Work in Climate, Sustainability, and Digital Transformation

Whatever the project, whoever the client, our work is always bespoke. Hear from our own BCGers about how their roles drive change for our clients in climate, sustainability, and digital transformation.

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Valuing the Diversity of Work in AI at BCG

Leaders need support developing the business side of an organization - that's where our Venture Architects come in. Sharon Mwale explains how she navigates complex solutions across industries as a Senior Venture Architect.

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My Experience in BCG’s Social Impact Immersion Program

As part of BCG’s Social Impact Immersion Program, Associate Alex Damiano was offered the opportunity to focus solely on social impact cases for an entire year. Learn more about our social impact work and how Alex contributed to BCG’s work at the 2023 WEF meeting at Davos.

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What Does a Venture Architect Do at BCG

Yong Zhao, an Associate Director, shares his experience returning to BCG after working for a large social networking company that couldn't provide the same diversity of work BCG does.

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