Alberto Guerrini joined Boston Consulting Group in 2005. In 2020, he also became a managing director and senior partner at BCG X, the firm's AI, data science, and analytics unit. Alberto is the global leader for travel, transport infrastructures, and leisure, as well as for pricing and revenue management in the travel industry.

Since joining the firm, Alberto has developed in-depth expertise working for large travel and leisure operators, including airlines, railways, cruise lines, and tour operators. He has helped clients addressing strategic planning, M&A, post-merger integration, turnaround, organization redesign, commercial excellence (network design, pricing, revenue management, ancillary revenues, digital strategy), and operations optimization (supply chain, strategic sourcing, cost reduction programs). He has led over 20 transformations in pricing and revenue management for travel operators around the globe.

In addition, Alberto has worked with transport infrastructure operators (airports, road/highway concessionaires, rail station operators) on strategic planning, retail optimization, operations and capex efficiency, net zero programs, and digital transformations.