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Charting the Future of Airline Retailing

By Sebastien TouraineOlivier HoursAlberto GuerriniGabriele FerriStefano RocchiHunkar Toyoglu, and Davide Casarini

Airlines need a better approach to satisfying customers’ wants and needs while increasing top-line growth. Offer management is a new strategy that can help them meet those goals, but to maximize its efficacy, carriers will have to overcome multiple constraints and be willing to reshape their organizations.

  • They must expand their revenue focus, rethinking how they distribute tickets and sell ancillary products (such as airport accommodations and in-flight services).
  • The New Distribution Capability, a multichannel data transmission standard, will make it easier for airlines to generate holistic, contextual offers more likely to appeal to customers.
  • Airlines should embark on a broad transformation—of leadership, technology, ways of working, and teaming—in order to become "bionic." Those able to combine the best of their human and machine capabilities will see the greatest success.

Airlines that bring an offer management strategy to life will undoubtedly see results, whether in immediate revenues or in long-term customer relationships. Learn more here.

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