Our Client Success Stories with Artificial Intelligence

For BCG, AI is both a strategic tool and an innovative solution to pressing global challenges. Our clients have utilized the power of AI to enhance productivity,  deepen customer relationships, and drive sustainable competitive advantage.

Spotlight: Generative AI


Manufacturing Analytics in Automotive

A global car seat manufacturer was able to reduce the amount of defective parts found in factories by 25% after BCG analyzed over 200 gigabytes of data using advanced analytic tools.

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BCG X Product Library

Our industry-grade solutions are designed for high-value uses cases, empowering clients to maximize impact and redefine industries for the future.

Consumer Products

Financial Institutions

Improving Lead Generation in Wholesale Banking

BCG built a fully automated solution to raise conversion rates and dramatically increase revenue growth.

Health Care

Harnessing AI to Accelerate Clinical Trials

As many herald a new “golden era” of medicine, one roadblock remains: the daunting complexity of conducting clinical trials. Syneos Health saw the enormous potential AI held when it came to accelerating the process. Baba Shetty, President of Technology & Data Solutions at Syneos Health, explains how BCG X helped them pave the way.

Sanofi’s Digital Transformation Journey

A global pharmaceutical company launched a transformation to create value at speed and scale—with the goal of generating hundreds of millions of euros in incremental profit.

Industrial Goods

Reducing Operational Complexity with AI

Using AI-driven digital twin, a mining conglomerate saved $200 million and achieved a 10x reduction in demurrage costs.


At H&M, AI Stands for Amplified Intelligence

Arti Zeighami, former chief data and analytics officer for H&M Group and current director and partner for BCG X, explains how H&M went from a digital laggard to an AI industry leader—in just three years.

Driving Retail Sales Through a Driven Sales Force

BCG developed a new, AI-powered app to help our client improve its sales performance. So far, there’s a 90% satisfaction among users—and a potential $70 million upside.

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

Travel and Tourism

BCG and KLM Bring AI to Life in Airline Operations

BCG deployed a diverse team of AI and technology specialists to help KLM turn its operations into a competitive advantage. The result was an increase in customer satisfaction and a decrease in operating costs.

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