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Extending agile’s principles—and benefits—throughout an organization is both essential and challenging. Our agile-at-scale framework guides the way.

What is agile at scale? Agile at scale is a way of working—and thinking—that can take organizations from rigid to resilient. It’s more collaborative, more open, more creative, and more efficient than other models. Yet few companies have been able to implement agile across their entire enterprise.

It’s easy to see why. Similar to a digital transformation, achieving agile at scale requires companies to address their full operating model. They must embrace change. And they must support this agile transformation—completely and visibly—from the top.

It’s no simple undertaking. But now more than ever, companies need to extend agile deeper into their business and culture. They can do it with the right agile-at-scale framework.


Talent, teamwork, and creativity often smolder in rigid corporate structures and silos. Agile at scale by BCG ignites the spark of innovation at the heart of your organization.

Our Five Steps to Agile at Scale

Our agile transformation roadmap is a holistic, collaborative, and bionic approach to implementing agile at scale across an organization.

Taking agile beyond pilots and scattered initiatives requires deep changes in processes, habits, and even mindsets. It also requires careful timing and coordination. We work with clients at every step of their agile-at-scale journey.

  • Understand the starting point. Our customized approach starts with understanding where an organization is. Proprietary tools, such as our agile maturity assessment and Ready, Willing, Able (RWA) Tool, help us gauge capabilities, competencies, and willingness to change—and benchmark against best-in-class peers. By knowing where a client stands, we can shape recommendations and strategies to fit its unique environment.
  • Enable the organization. Agile enterprise transformation requires catalysts to change and influence behavior. We provide a suite of resources—and support—for all levels of an organization. These include workshops to teach agile behaviors, immersion sessions for senior executives, and coaching, simulations, and mentoring for agile team members. We also provide tactics for change management and communications.
  • Set up and execute agile pilots. When well implemented, agile at scale generates not only value but also lessons that help scale this new way of working. We work with organizations to select visible and relevant pilots, establish agile processes, and measure results—building dashboards to track value delivery, squad performance, defects, and work progress.
  • Adapt the operating model. By feeding learnings into the operating model, we fine-tune methodologies and set the stage for agile transformation. We define how roles and responsibilities will shift, drawing on a database of more than 3,000 role charters that detail accountabilities across functions. We address all components of the operating model, including governance, culture, leadership and talent, and technological enablers. And we work with clients to communicate changes—reducing ambiguity, and tension, as they deploy agile at scale.
  • Build an agile playbook. Transforming to an agile organization won’t happen overnight. By building on initial projects, customizing best practices to a client’s context and culture, and enabling ongoing coaching, workshops, and pulse checks, we create a roadmap for agile—and a path for sustainable change.

Our Agile-at-Scale Consulting Work

Our agile-at-scale clients operate in nearly every industry and region. We’re able to assist such a diverse roster because of our global reach and cross-industry experience. Among our engagements: agile transformation in banking, aviation, and pharmaceuticals. As the following examples show, agile at scale isn’t just for software—or isolated pilots—anymore.

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Meet BCG’s Agile-at-Scale Consultants

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