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The Zero-Based Factory

To enhance competitiveness, companies must take a clean-sheet approach to deciding what, where, and how to manufacture.

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The Green Factory of the Future

Manufacturers can implement win-win actions in their production and logistics operations that benefit the environment and create financial value.

Industry 4.0

The Factory of the Future

What does the future of manufacturing look like? BCG's Kristian Kuhlmann explores the dimensions of optimization shaping the next level of progress.

Unleashing Innovation in Manufacturing in the '20s

Justin Rose contemplates how combining automation and continuous upskilling will create competitive advantage in the workplace.

Supply Chain

How to Fix Broken Supply Chains

In the face of disruptions, from natural disasters to pandemics, how do we make sure supply chains can keep up? Dustin Burke, BCG managing director and partner, offers a combination of solutions to help create a more resilient, efficient tomorrow.

Digital Supply Chain Transformation

BCG's Pepe Rodriguez on our approach to digital supply chain transformations and the four aspects that we like to consider.

Sustainable Supply Chains

The tops of glass bottles organized in a gradient from green to purple

A Circular Future for Glass

Achieving a 50% recycling rate in the US by the end of the decade is ambitious but possible. Here’s how we can accomplish it.

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