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Future-Proofing Your Product Supply Network | Rectangle

Future-Proofing Your Product Supply Network

Building resilience and promoting sustainability while maintaining cost efficiency, service levels, and growth requires redesigning your network—and that will take several years. Better get started.

BCG-WEF Project: Unlocking Value in Manufacturing Through Data

BCG-WEF Project: Unlocking Value in Manufacturing Through Data

By leveraging data and advanced analytics, companies can provide better products and services, optimize their value chains, and maximize return on capital. Effective data-sharing applications are essential to define key success factors and to enable manufacturers to derive value from their data.

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The Zero-Based Factory

To enhance competitiveness, companies must take a clean-sheet approach to deciding what, where, and how to manufacture.

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BCG-WEF Project: AI-Powered Industrial Operations

Manufacturers need to optimize for increased productivity, improved sustainability, greater resilience, and a stronger workforce. How can they harness the latest technologies to realize these goals?

Industry 4.0

The Factory of the Future

What does the future of manufacturing look like? BCG's Kristian Kuhlmann explores the dimensions of optimization shaping the next level of progress.


Supply Chain

How to Fix Broken Supply Chains

In the face of disruptions, from natural disasters to pandemics, how do we make sure supply chains can keep up? Dustin Burke, BCG managing director and partner, offers a combination of solutions to help create a more resilient, efficient tomorrow.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Transforming Scope 3 Emissions

Tackling Scope 3 emissions is essential to reach net zero targets. But Anastasia Kouvela explains how doing so goes beyond climate benefits: aligning leaders and driving innovation to create value and reduce costs.

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Climate Action Starts with Supply Chains

Supply chains generate 11.4 times more emissions than in-house operations, but only 39% of businesses engage suppliers on climate topics. Here’s how to engage them.

Building a New Manufacturing Landscape

Redrawing the Global Manufacturing Map

Amid shifting dynamics, transforming the global footprint can improve companies’ resilience and sustainability and cut manufacturing and supply chain costs. How are successful companies doing it?

Building an Optimal Sourcing Global Footprint | BCG

In this video, BCG’s Marc Gilbert shares his perspectives on an effective sourcing footprint transformation.

Challenges in North American Manufacturing

Many manufacturers in the region recently moved parts of their supply chain. Although the results didn’t always meet objectives, the successful transformations had three things in common.

The Rapid Rise of India and Southeast Asia

From 2018 through 2022, China’s shipment of goods to the US dropped by 10%. Manufacturers in India and Southeast Asia are reaping the benefits of this change.

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