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As personalized customer experiences become the norm, marketing and sales functions face critical challenges and opportunities. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on marketing and sales to learn what the future of digital marketing means for your business.

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Sales and Channels

The Unified Theory of Strategic Pricing - Hero

The Unified Theory of Pricing

Business leaders have long wanted to make pricing simpler, more rewarding, and less frustrating. BCG’s Strategic Pricing Hexagon consolidates disparate pricing ideas into one master structure.

Highlights from the 2023 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

B2B Marketing

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Resilient Pricing for an Uncertain World

The longer the threats of inflation, recession, and disruption persist, the more B2B companies will need to use a wider range of pricing options to maintain strong financial performance.

B2B Marketing in a World Without Cookies

Faced with stricter government regulation of third-party customer data sharing and beefed-up privacy features in new operating systems and browsers, digital marketers must rethink their data strategies.

Digital Marketing and Privacy

Agile Marketing for a Digital World

When marketers face increased pressure and scrutiny, they can improve quality and increase efficiency by adopting the agile principles that have made product development efforts successful.

CMOs Must Act Now—and Plan for Later

Resilience requires CMOs to be nimble—investing in capabilities that can help their companies win now and those that will create competitive advantage over the next three to five years.

Marketing Organization

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Making Agile Work in Marketing

Agile principles can enhance the performance of marketing organizations––as long as companies apply the principles flexibly rather than adhering strictly to agile methodology.

Better Measurement, Better Biopharma Marketing Hero

Better Measurement, Better Biopharma Marketing

More patient and customer touch points and varied purchase pathways are rendering traditional marketing and sales measurement obsolete. Companies need a new, multipronged strategy to generate returns.

Consumer Insights

Don’t Overlook Your Mature Consumers

The 50- to 70-year-old demographic is a growing, multitrillion-dollar global market—but people in it are hard to engage with normal marketing. Here’s how to reach them.

Exclusive Download

The Future Is Mainstream Green: Introducing a New Growth Strategy

This is a guide for chief marketing officers to take green beyond niche and into the mainstream. Mainstream Green is about driving sustainable choices by all consumers, not just those who are moved by sustainable claims. To reach our collective climate ambitions, we need massive consumer change—a widespread embrace of new products, new services, new marketing, and new behaviors.

CMOs are well positioned to drive customer-centric change because they understand consumers’ concerns and aspirations and have a platform within companies to make change happen. By following this guide, CMOs can take practical steps toward helping us get to Mainstream Green.

Customer Centricity

What Will AI Do for Customer Experience?

What Will AI Do for Customer Experience?

A revolution is underway in personalized shopping, customer service, and marketing. Companies that successfully deploy generative AI can set themselves apart from the competition.


BCG on Marketing, Sales, and Pricing

Customer expectations are rising—are you ready to meet them? Explore our latest insights and thought leadership.



Smarter Retailer Promotions for a Saturated Market

Overwhelming consumers with elaborate promotions, discounts, coupons, and loyalty rewards can weaken consumer loyalty, tarnish brand reputation, and suppress new revenue opportunities. Instead, retailers should adopt a streamlined, customer-centric approach.

What’s Possible: GenAI and Customer Service

Customer interactions with brands will soon be transformed by a new breed of conversational chatbots offering no wait times, 24/7 access, and 100% recall of support information—at cost savings up to 80 percent.

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Loyalty Programs Need Next-Generation Design

Customers today want more from loyalty programs than just discounts and points. Companies are adopting new ways to engage customers through personalization, subscriptions, communities, and partner ecosystems.

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