Digital Supply Chain

Digital Supply Chain

Some business leaders think that creating a digital supply chain means automating a single task, such as forecasting demand or optimizing the production schedule. At BCG, we know that supply chain digitization requires a holistic transformation mindset.

We know that digital solutions in supply chain management perform best—and unlock the greatest value—when they’re integrated across the entire enterprise, when they involve both processes and people. This change management approach doesn’t just position companies to be more agile, reliable, and efficient; it also delivers higher margins and lower costs.

Our Bionic Approach to Supply Chain 4.0

BCG’s digital supply chain consultants develop strategies and high-tech digital solutions for our clients, leveraging our deep expertise in digital supply chains and our hands-on digital experience in Industry 4.0 and other technologies. To maximize the value of their supply chains, leading companies adopt a bionic operating model, which intertwines the best of both man and machine—combining human know-how with the power of AI—to generate substantial improvements.

BCG’s Digital Supply Chain Capabilities

Armed with a bionic supply chain approach, leaders gain the guidance they need to capture real-time, end-to-end visibility over the supply chain. The combination of enhanced technologies for decision making (such as big data, advanced analytics, and AI) and human creativity and collaboration enables them to deploy advanced supply chain solutions and optimize operations.

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Inside the Bionic Supply Chain

BCG’s Stefan Gstettner compares the “Bionic Supply Chain” – humans and machines using advanced technologies to collaborate far more effectively – with traditional supply chain approaches, in this excerpt from an interview with LokadTV. See the full episode here: The Bionic Supply Chain.

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Digital Supply Chain Transformation

BCG's Pepe Rodriguez on our approach to digital supply chain transformations and the four aspects that we like to consider.

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Digital Supply Chain of the Future

BCG's Rajesh Shetty explores three pillars necessary to build a digital supply chain of the future: acknowledge challenges; invest upfront; and lead with clear, unified vision.

Digital Supply Chain Transformation

We engage our clients in a thorough and comprehensive digitization process:

  • We define your digital supply chain vision, identify and prioritize the most valuable use cases, and develop a transformation roadmap.
  • We develop advanced analytics solutions that drive significant business value, and we embed them in the workflow of the supply chain workforce, enabling better decision making.
  • We optimize your physical network, inventory, and operations.
  • We design, execute, and transfer your capabilities.
  • We digitize your skill sets, processes, and IT infrastructure.
  • We enable you to scale by creating new capabilities using our unique enablement model, Build-Operate-Transfer.

BCG’s Client Work in Digital Supply Chains

GSK’s Digital Path to Operational Excellence

Deploying artificial intelligence at scale and digitizing supply chains aren't easy tasks. But pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline surmounted the challenges. How? It executed a disciplined data-and-analytics transformation program that unlocked maximum value--fast.

Building a Digital Supply Chain in Biopharma

Our experts improved agility and efficiency with the use of advanced modeling and AI technology.

Our Latest Insights About Digital Supply Chains

The Digital Frontier in Chemical Distribution Networks Hero Rectangle

The Digital Frontier in Chemical Distribution Networks

Companies that rethink and reform their outbound distribution networks gain new sources of revenues, greater sustainability, a more resilient supply chain, and significant competitive advantages over slower-moving rivals.

Meet Our Digital Supply Chain Consulting Leaders

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