Boosting the Performance of an IT Organization with Client Learning and Enablement

Global program delivers a projected $25 million in immediate-term benefits, while building a platform for sustainable operating performance improvement.

A leading industrial engineering conglomerate wanted to create a step change in the operating performance of its 6,000-empoloyee IT organization.

As part of the three-year effort, BCG delivered a client learning and enablement program that focused on implementing lean across 15 core IT processes, simultaneously building lean capabilities and instilling a lean culture throughout the IT organization.

BCG partnered with the client to identify key areas for improvement, develop a prioritized list of key initiatives, and implement the next level of IT business platforms. In parallel, we equipped the client organization with the required knowledge and skills associated with lean processes, tools, and techniques, preparing the client to continue the program rollout.

BCG's client learning and enablement program, which was heavily focused on experiential learning, comprised eight 14-week “waves.” Each wave was focused on a subset of core processes. The first wave, for example, addressed project management, incident management, and application maintenance processes, and the second wave was focused on service requests and service management processes. We formed a team that included BCG lean experts and the client’s dedicated kaizen change managers. BCG led the first two waves to demonstrate the lean approach, gradually transitioning leadership to the client teams under the direction of the kaizen change managers. Client teams are leading the last five waves while BCG provides on-the-job training, coaching, and light-touch implementation support.

More specifically, the program has focused on equipping the kaizen change managers with the skills they will need to apply such lean tools and techniques as value stream mapping and kaizen, as well as kaizen workshop facilitation, project management, and change management skills. Within the client IT organization, kaizen change managers have formed a new permanent team capable of continuing the program rollout.

Overall, the lean enablement program has touched more than 400 client staff members who have participated in kaizen workshops across the organization. The program is projected to deliver more than $25 million in benefits and put in place mechanisms to ensure sustainable improvement in operating performance.

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