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Game Changer: BCG’s New Strategic Pricing Book

It’s time to look at pricing decisions in a new light. Game Changer: How Strategic Pricing Shapes Businesses, Markets, and Society explores how the right pricing strategy can change the trajectory of your business, your industry, and society.

Many leaders assume that pricing is nothing more than a technical and tactical discipline based on four assumptions: that pricing is a zero-sum game, sellers should extract maximum value, markets set prices, and one "right" price exists. But this is a flawed premise. Pricing is a strategic game based on collaborative growth, value sharing, dynamic opportunities, and strategy.

A Game Changing Approach to Pricing: BCG’s Strategic Pricing Hexagon

We designed the Strategic Pricing Hexagon to unlock strategic pricing decisions with greater speed, confidence, efficiency, and impact. It integrates several elements—business intelligence, economic frameworks, market characteristics, market forces, and organizational authority—into a tool that covers nearly every challenge and opportunity you will encounter when changing your pricing game.

By using the Strategic Pricing Hexagon, business leaders can understand what major factors can affect pricing decisions, allowing them to then formulate a clear pricing strategy and shape their business and markets with authority.

How Game Changer Unlocks Strategic Pricing Decisions

Game Changer: How Strategic Pricing Shapes Businesses, Markets, and Society enables leaders to answer three questions that shape pricing decisions:

  1. How do you create and share value? 
  2. What pricing game do you want to play? 
  3. What pricing model best fits your value creation strategy? 

This pricing book reveals how pricing shapes businesses, how pricing shapes markets, and how pricing shapes society. It also shows you how to set pricing strategies when market-shaping events occur. How do you bring an innovation to market? How do you make a transition to an “as a service” pricing model? And what are the social consequences of strategic pricing?

Unique among pricing books, this one is not only for people who need to rethink pricing strategies. It is also for those interested in understanding the fairness of strategic pricing and how value is shared between buyers and sellers.

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Game Changer: How Strategic Pricing Shapes Businesses, Markets, and Society

A Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling book

By Jean-Manuel Izaret and Arnab Sinha


The Strategic Pricing Hexagon: A Game Changing Framework

Are you ready to change the game? The Strategic Pricing Hexagon was designed to help you grow with speed and efficiency, maximize your impact, and prepare for the future.

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