A career in design at BCG involves bringing deep strategic, user experience and visual expertise into product development, helping to deliver breakthrough products that engage and inspire. We have extensive knowledge of design thinking and human-centered design, and are fluent in the latest technological innovation.

Strategic Designer (Ethnographer)

Our strategic designers study people’s implicit attitudes, behaviors, and motivations in order to gain insight about their openness to consider something new. We then bring these insights to life through conceptual design toward the development of products and services

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Experience Designer (UX)

Our experience designers develop optimal user-experience journeys that influence how teams design cutting-edge and customized solutions to help our clients tackle challenges or improve their business offering. We use creativity and experience to focus on human-centered design, computer interaction, and a sound understanding of the latest technologies.

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Visual Designer (UI)

Using creativity and deep technical skills, our visual designers develop and deliver customer-experience-centric visual designs for our cutting-edge and customized solutions that help clients manage challenges or improve their business offering.

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BCG Design Studios

Our Design Studios team works on internal projects and supports client teams. We are creative leaders, technology strategists, graphic and multimedia designers, videographers, illustrators, and experience creators working together as one team. View and apply for Design roles at BCG

What Will You Work On?

  • Strategic Design Jobs. You’ll create the conceptual development of products and services. You’ll bring innovative ideas to a set of tangible products and services in partnership with product managers, engineers, and other designers. You will ensure that new products and ventures are set up to deliver strategic value in line with design intent.
  • Experience Design (UX) Jobs. We are interested in professionals with some background in user experience (UX) and with proven experience delivering concepts, personas, user journeys, storyboards, user flows, wireframes, prototypes, and more. You’ll strive to find balance between achieving an optimal customer experience and satisfying clients’ needs, market viability, and technical feasibility. You’ll learn about the latest emerging technologies and leverage ethnographic research to deliver personas, journeys, and user flows that will influence the design of our solutions.
  • Visual Design (UI) Jobs. You’ll be responsible for looking at the end-to-end user experience in order to develop and deliver visual designs for clients. You’ll revolutionize not only the customer’s online experience but also look at the structure of company platforms. You’ll go beyond interfaces and applications and truly understand the intentions and wishes of users, designing enriching experiences across multiple points.

How Will You Create Impact?

  • Strategic Design Jobs. You’ll work with a cross-functional team of engineers and experts in human-centered design (HCD) and UX/UI in order to develop ethnographic research and contextual design investigations and understand customer behaviors, pain points, needs, and aspirations. You’ll identify insights from customer research and market analysis and bring your research to life through personas, customer journeys, insight-opportunity frameworks, system maps, stories, and scenarios—and finally through conceptual design work.
  • Experience Design (UX) Jobs. You’ll work with a team of management consultants, product managers, engineers, marketers, and UI experts to develop the vision of products and make design choices that create an optimal user experience. In particular, you will partner with the engineering team to ensure design is properly implemented and work with the marketing team to develop brand guidelines and online presence.
  • Visual Design Jobs (UI). You’ll work with a team of engineers and experts in HCD and UX/UI to develop visual designs of cutting-edge solutions that support our clients or BCG’s internal businesses. You’ll also contribute to the product development and software-engineering teams on changes that could be made to the solution structure in order to optimize the visual design.

How Will We Help You Grow?

In a design career at BCG, you will learn how to best understand clients’ needs, collaborate with a wide variety of technical and nontechnical professionals, and manage your own teams. You will become an expert in your field and will have the opportunity to have an impact on world-leading enterprises.

  • Strategic Design Jobs. You’ll learn advanced ethnographic techniques and increase your understanding of consumer behaviors.
  • Experience Design (UX) Jobs. During your career as an experience designer, you will learn how to lead the conceptual development and delivery of human-centered design for large-scale technological solutions.
  • Visual Design Jobs (UI). During your career as a visual designer, you will learn how to lead the conceptual development and delivery of visual designs for large-scale technological solutions.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Strategic Design Jobs. We are looking for professionals with experience in ethnographic research (qualitative and quantitative), divergent exploration, conceptual development, and industrial design. Candidates should have a background in product prototyping and testing, future visioning, and strategy development. We are interested in strong communicators who engage with internal and external audiences to communicate insights, concepts, and design rationales—and who can work in multidisciplinary teams alongside product managers and engineers.
  • Experience Design (UX) Jobs. We are interested in professionals with experience in user experience (UX), with proven experience delivering concepts, personas, user journeys, storyboards, user flows, wireframes, prototypes, and more. Candidates should have working experience with tools such as Sketch, Adobe CS, and InVision. We are looking for individuals with exceptional communication and presentation skills, as well as strong people-management skills and the ability to collaborate with colleagues in cross-functional teams. We want self-starters who have an ability to excel in dynamic, ever-changing environments.
  • Visual Design Jobs (UI). We are interested in individuals with extremely advanced creative, technical, and analytical skills. We look for people who are highly detail-oriented in all their work and keep up-to-date with the latest technology, design trends, and emerging UI patterns. Our visual designers have the desire and willingness to work in a collaborative, innovative, and team-oriented setting. They have the ability to work on multiple projects and work streams in a fast-paced environment
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