COVID-19: India Perspectives

Abheek Singhi Sumit Gupta Vikash Jain Shreya Chandra Shekar Phalguni Jain Akshara Anand Chirag Khandelwal Dewanshi Vora

As the economy starts to open up, the new reality is unraveling across dimensions, impacting the way businesses function. Challenges and uncertainties expected to persist in recent future. It is now important for businesses to pro-actively assess the impact and plan for the new reality in order to emerge stronger from the crisis.

COVID-19 India Perspective series tries to bring forth the holistic impact, emerging trends, and call for action for business leaders. These documents intend to provide a thinking framework to navigate through the crisis. The last 2 editions (5.0 and 6.0) focus on (1) how to drive topline security and customer trust, and (2) how to re-structure cost, and manage cost and liquidity respectively. Additionally, in the 6.0 edition, we have also outlined 5 key priorities for business leaders to lead in the new reality.

Health Care Payers, Providers, Systems & Services