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To extract maximum value from their business transformation programs, company leaders must understand what drives transformation success—and what derails large-scale change. Explore our latest insights into the secrets of business transformation and learn how to boost the odds of delivering real impact.

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Drivers of Transformation Success

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The Board–CEO Partnership in a Transformation

The real-world experiences of a business leader who has seen change efforts up close—while serving as CEO, board chair, and director at multiple organizations—point to five key priorities.

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How Transformative CEOs Lead in a Crisis

Because most organizations have already launched short-term measures to respond to COVID-19, the challenge now is to build on that progress. Five leadership traits will be crucial.

How Can Companies Use Digital Levers to Improve Performance?

Digital levers are critical to improve performance—both for companies that have just started a traditional transformation journey and for those that have already completed one. BCG Managing Director and Partner Christian Gruss explains how to leverage these tools to gain advantage.

How to Drive Cost-Out Transformation with Rapid and Sustained Impact

Using a centrally managed program orchestrated across three phases, BCG TURN delivers rapid and sustained cost impact to clients. BCG Managing Director & Partner Mikko Tynkkynen explains how growth-minded cost transformation that links revenue and cost can create significant value.

Digital Transformation

Case Studies

Bringing the Charm Back to Pandora: The CEO Talks Transformation at the World’s Largest Jewelry Brand

Pandora CEO Alexander Lacik describes the three-pronged turnaround program that helped his company revive excitement about the brand and reconnect with customers—while also radically reining in costs.

Carlsberg’s Transformation and Reinvention

The brewing company’s president and CEO discusses its recent transformation—what spurred it, details of the implementation, and early results.

Transforming Procurement at Danish Crown

Lars Feldskou, Group CPO for Danish Crown, talks about his collaboration with BCG on a transformation to make Danish Crown work as one company.

The Biggest Transformation Trap: An Interview with Pitney Bowes’s Marc Lautenbach

How do you transform a 101-year-old company with roots in the traditional mail business? The answer is one part innovation and one part sticking to your core.


Forging Sustainable Change at Tata Steel

When one of the world’s biggest steel companies ran into a crisis, it successfully launched a major change initiative—and integrated the ability to change into its DNA.



Tough Times Ahead for Refinancing

According to a recent BCG survey, many companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland may struggle to simultaneously refinance outstanding debt and fund large-scale business model transformation.

Change Management

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