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To extract maximum value from their business transformation programs, company leaders must understand what drives transformation success—and what derails large-scale change. Explore our latest insights into the secrets of business transformation and learn how to boost the odds of delivering real impact.

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Performance and Value Acceleration

Transformation Excellence


How Modern Business Transformations Succeed

In this video, Reshma Ramachandran, former transformation executive and current board member of Fortune 500 and FTSE 250 companies, shares her decades of experience, insights on the CEO's role during transformations, and key factors for leading teams to success.

How to Create a Transformation That Lasts | Hero

How to Create a Transformation That Lasts

Transformations are critical to building competitive advantage and delivering shareholder value. They are most successful when managed through a transformation office.

Business Turnaround and Restructuring

Our Client Success in Business Transformation

Optimizing Procurement to Drive a Business Transformation

How BCG helped Oi, a leading Brazilian telco, save more than $280 million by optimizing its procurement processes.

Carlsberg’s Transformation and Reinvention

The brewing company’s president and CEO discusses its recent transformation—what spurred it, details of the implementation, and early results.

Bringing the Charm Back to Pandora: The CEO Talks Transformation at the World’s Largest Jewelry Brand

Pandora CEO Alexander Lacik describes the three-pronged turnaround program that helped his company revive excitement about the brand and reconnect with customers—while also radically reining in costs.

The Secrets of Successful Change from a Leading Fleet Management

By staying focused and scoring quick wins in its companywide transformation program, a world-leading fleet-management company created unprecedented new value for employees, clients, and shareholders. Equally impressive, it transformed its culture—strengthening transparency, agility, and accountability throughout the business.

Digital Transformation

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