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Value Creation


The COVID-19 Investor Pulse Check Series

BCG’s latest research finds investors increasingly bearish on the economy and the stock market—and they want businesses to focus on both liquidity and long-term advantage.

CFO Excellence

Your First Year as CFO

Your First Year as CFO

By demonstrating results early, new CFOs facilitate their longer-term strategy and transformation efforts, paving the way for growth.

Your First 90 Days as CFO

Your First 90 Days as CFO

A successful tenure begins with getting to know the finance function and establishing a vision to guide value creation.


Lessons from Best-in-Class CFOs

Only a few CFOs lead finance functions that truly outperform in both efficiency and effectiveness. Here’s what sets them apart.

Bringing Bionic Finance to Life - Rectangle

Bringing Bionic Finance to Life

Fully integrating human and digital capabilities in the finance function entails a journey best done in three stages: ignite, professionalize, and scale and sustain.

Bionic Finance Offers a Strategic Edge

By combining technology and human capabilities, a finance function can orchestrate the work of other departments and help the company achieve its strategic objectives.

Leading in the New Reality | LiNR | Promo | Rectangle

Leading in the New Reality

What will the world look like after the pandemic? The answer is, in part, up to leaders in business and government around the world. They can shape our new reality.

Business Strategy


Advantage Beyond the Crisis

In order to emerge stronger, companies must ensure that their response to COVID-19 is not just immediate but also transformational.

How Do You “Design” a Business Ecosystem?

You can’t entirely plan or design an ecosystem, but answering some critical questions will increase the odds of building an ecosystem that has the potential to create new industries or transform existing ones.

Digital Strategy and AI

Strategic Planning

Building Your Uncertainty Advantage - Rectangle

Building Your Uncertainty Advantage

For some companies, disruption is a risk to be avoided. For others, it’s an opportunity to be embraced. With better sensing, modeling, and planning capabilities, businesses can use upheaval as a catapult to success.

Can Your Strategy Survive These Four Futures?

BCG’s global expert on scenarios and creativity, Alan Iny, takes you on a tour of four distinct and plausible future competitive environments—and offers perspectives on how to shape smart strategies in the face of uncertainty.

Family Business

BCG Classics Revisited


BCG Classics Revisited: The Experience Curve

The experience curve theory still holds, particularly in specific industries. But to succeed in today’s environment, many companies need to develop an additional kind of experience.

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Perspectives on Strategy and Value: Your Monthly Newsletter on Corporate Finance and Strategy

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Perspectives on Strategy and Value: Your Monthly Newsletter on Corporate Finance and Strategy

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