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Value Creation

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Industrial Distributors Value Creators 2023

Two decades of data show how leading distributors deliver strong shareholder returns. Distributors must generate local and national scale and fight to defend and grow their market share.

INSPA Value Creators Report Hero

Value Creators in Insurance

BCG’s global insurance industry value creators reports share insights and analysis from insurance leaders who have overcome industry challenges. Learn more.

CFO Excellence

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The Art of Capital Allocation

To help companies satisfy growth-minded investors, we outline best practices for the basic disciplines of capital allocation—strategic budgeting, project selection, and investment governance.

Sustainability as Advantage

Business Strategy

Digital Strategy and AI

The Rates of Success, Goals, and Future Priorities of Digital Transformations, by Sector - Rectangle

What the Data Tells Us About Digital Transformation, by Industry

In our December 2021 report, Performance and Innovation Are the Rewards of Digital Transformation, we explored three questions that we hear a lot from clients. How are companies in my sector doing? Is there any proof that transformations deliver real results? And where are leaders focusing their transformation programs?

Strategic Planning

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Building Your Uncertainty Advantage

For some companies, disruption is a risk to be avoided. For others, it’s an opportunity to be embraced. With better sensing, modeling, and planning capabilities, businesses can use upheaval as a catapult to success.

Family Business

BCG Classics Revisited


BCG Classics Revisited: The Experience Curve

The experience curve theory still holds, particularly in specific industries. But to succeed in today’s environment, many companies need to develop an additional kind of experience.


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