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Betriebsabläufe zu verbessern war noch nie einfach, und die zunehmende Digitalisierung hat neue Herausforderungen und Möglichkeiten mit sich gebracht. Die Nutzung von Big Data, Machine Learning und KI ist für die Effizienzsteigerung von größter Bedeutung, aber erfordert auch neue Kompetenzen und einen kulturellen Wandel. Erfahren Sie mehr über BCGs Vordenkerrolle beim Thema digitalisierte Betriebsabläufe und mehr.

Featured Insights


Procurement in the Time of COVID-19

Procurement will be critical in getting companies through the crisis. Now’s the time for CEOs to strengthen relationships with their suppliers’ CEOs.


Winning the Fight in the Private Sector

How should companies operate in today’s uncertain environment and transform to thrive in the postpandemic world? In the coming weeks, we share our insights and experiences as we help companies reopen and emerge stronger.


COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda

The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need to be resilient in the face of transformative global risk.

Supply Chain Management

Redrawing the Map of Global Trade

Even when the global economy fully recovers, the international trade landscape will look dramatically different in the years ahead than it did before the pandemic.


Jumpstart Digital Procurement Book Cover

Jumpstart to Digital Procurement: Pushing the Value Envelope in a New Age

By Wolfgang Schnellbächer and Daniel Weise

To realize all the benefits of digital procurement—especially those most valuable in the postpandemic world—companies need a revolutionary approach.

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Operations in Germany & Austria


Kill the Stop – Small Cause, Big Effect

Production lines are interrupted frequently: Micro-stops slow down processes and teams. Companies that eliminate unplanned interruptions can reduce costs by about 15 percent – and increase productivity. That is an important factor in creating conditions for industry 4.0.

Lean and Manufacturing


The Green Factory of the Future

Manufacturers can implement win-win actions in their production and logistics operations that benefit the environment and create financial value.

Shifting Gears in Auto Manufacturing - Rectangle

Shifting Gears in Auto Manufacturing

To succeed in a future of electric vehicles, manufacturers must understand and prepare for the profound effects of this transformation on operations and labor requirements.

Digital Operations


Organizing for Digital Operations at Scale

It’s not enough to establish the right organizational structure. Companies must also attract and retain digital talent and overcome the limitations of legacy IT systems.


The How-To Guide to Digital Operations

Digitizing manufacturing operations is imperative—yet immensely difficult. Companies that have tried have seen mixed results. We’ve identified factors that separate leaders from laggards.

How Ford Organized for Digital Operations at Scale

Digitization—when done right and at scale—yields impressive results. Discover how manufacturing companies can learn from Ford’s success as Mike Mikula, Ford’s global chief engineer, shares insights with BCG’s Jonathan Van Wyck.


BCG’s Latest Operations Insights

Operations touches all aspects of the product journey, an increasingly interdependent and globalized process. Follow BCG on Operations on LinkedIn for a collection of insights and news from BCG’s Operations practice.

Service & Support

Design, Engineer, Build

Think Big

Behind Think Big is transparency and collaboration. That's how BCG conceives a successful large capital project. Let’s think big to make big things happen.

Beyond Great BCG Book

Beyond Great

How to build sustainable business advantage in a world where great is no longer good enough.

Change Management


Are You Ready to Transform?

Change is hard, but readiness is all. Companies prepared to manage the leader, people, and program journeys can double their chances of success.

Cost & Efficiency

The Corporate Center of the Future

The growth of automation, digitalization, and virtual collaboration is putting pressure on companies to reimagine the way their corporate centers operate.

Expert Interviews

The Soft Side of Operational Transformation

The Soft Side of Operational Transformation

The Soft Side of Operational Transformation

Secrets Behind Successful Large Capex Projects

Secrets Behind Successful Large Capex Projects

Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Wie man in einem modernen Unternehmensumfeld operative Exzellenz erreicht

Wie man in einem modernen Unternehmensumfeld operative Exzellenz erreicht

Frédérik Jobert on Large Capital Project Management

Frédérik Jobert on Large Capital Project Management


Externe Innovationsgrundlagen von einem F&E-Experten

Olaf Rehse on Lean in Services

Olaf Rehse on Lean in Services

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