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Making India A Global Chemical Powerhouse: Vision for the 2020’s
The 300$ Billion Opportunity for India

The Indian Chemical Industry is in a sweet spot of unrealised potential and tremendous opportunity. It holds a prominent position on the global stage – sixth largest in the world, and the third largest in Asia. It has, however, perennially been the “latent potential” sector – a promising future, but significant short term under-delivery.

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Building India’s Digital Highways: The Potential of Open Digital Ecosystems (ODEs)

India, and the world at large, are at the cusp of a paradigm shift in the way digital solutions are being deployed for large-scale societal impact. ODEs are: “open and secure digital platforms that enable a community of actors to unlock transformative solutions for society, based on a robust governance framework”. This report discusses both the ‘tech’ and ‘non-tech’ dimensions of the ODE approach, establishes the key building blocks of ODEs, estimates the potential benefits and identifies critical risks, and charts a roadmap for the successful adoption and implementation of ‘responsible’ ODEs.

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