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TED@BCG Toronto—2018

“Business as usual” doesn’t cut it anymore. Transformations are radically altering our lives, making it more daunting than ever to make a positive impact on our wellbeing, our productivity, and our world. How should we manage this challenge? We need to reboot. People must begin to live, work, collaborate, and organize in dramatically different ways. We need to rethink our goals, and redefine our operating systems to reach them. Let’s imagine a bright future with a new definition for “bottom line.”

New Releases

Opening Remarks from Rich Lesser

BCG’s CEO, Rich Lesser, welcomes you to our 2018 TED@BCG event. The spirit of rebooting, says Rich, is not just about incremental improvement. It is the chance to employ fundamental changes to the way we approach technology, globalization, social responsibility, ways of working, and more.

Preview the Talks

We Need a New Way of Working

We Need a New Way of Working

Where Can Companies Look to Spark Job Creation?

Embracing Technology in the Workplace

Stop Trying to be “Good” People

Are Phages the Future of Healthcare?

Trust – The Antidote for Micromanagement

The Way We Disagree is Broken

Speakers for TED@BCG: Reboot

Our speakers hail from a diverse set of industries and backgrounds, bringing perspectives on art, language, medicine, technology, and more. Together, they demonstrate the sweeping nature of our need to reboot.

Alexander Belcredi | CEO/Co-Founder, PhagoMed Biopharma GmbH

Arindam Bhattacharya | Senior Partner, BCG New Delhi

François Candelon | Senior Partner, BCG Shanghai

Dolly Chugh | Associate Professor, NYU Stern School of Business

Martin Danoesastro | Senior Partner, BCG Amsterdam

Julia Dhar | Leader, BCG’s Behavioral Economics and Insights Initiative

A. Dara Dotz | Co-Founder and Principal Designer, Field Ready

Amy Herman | Founder & President, The Art of Perception

Chieh Huang | CEO, Boxed

Viola Llewellyn | Founder/President, Ovamba

Elizabeth Lyle | Principal, BCG Boston

Vinay Shandal | Partner, BCG Toronto

Anirudh Sharma | Tech & Innovation Lead, Graviky Labs

Jim Whitehurst | CEO, RedHat

Nadjia Yousif | Partner, BCG London


Kiran Gandhi | Electronic Music Artist

Amber Galloway-Gallego | Music Sign Language Interpreter

Frank Müller-Pierstorff | Global Creative Director, BCG Munich

Behind the Scenes at TED

A Day in the Life of a TED Speaker

Sit in on a conversation between BCG’s Shalini Unnikrishnan and Michael Ringel; they share their experiences as former TED speakers and discuss the Reboot event.

Preparing for a TED Talk

Learn what it takes to prepare a TED Talk from two TED veterans: Amy Rule, senior manager for BCG’s external relations, and Briar Goldberg, speaker coach director for TED.