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Leadership in the Age of AI

Don't be afraid to disrupt the status quo. In conversation with TED's Lindsay Levin, Sanofi CEO Paul Hudson shares how robust AI adoption can provide deeper insights, new ways of working, and innovative collaborations.

Don’t Be a Jerk to Your Barista—and Other Thoughts on Frontline Work

All jobs should have dignity and the ability to turn into great careers. BCG's Adriann Negreros outlines empathetic, people-centered ideas—his "handbook of humanity"—to help change and redefine the nature of frontline work.

Why Businesses Need a Dreamer’s Magic and a Doer’s Realism

BCG's Beth Viner lays out a practical blueprint for harnessing the dreamer's out-of-the-box thinking and the doer's practicality, showing why it's the key to building, growing and innovating in any relationship or organization.

What Will Happen to Marketing in the Age of AI?

While generative AI is poised to transform the workplace, we still need human brains for new ideas. BCG CMO Jessica Apotheker offers a pragmatic and hopeful look at the future of business.

Artificial Intelligence and Our Digital Future 

What Will the Dream Car of the Future Be Like?

BCG managing director and senior partner Alex Koster describes the "software dream car" of the future, using massive technological shifts transforming the automotive industry to paint a picture of where cars are headed.

Why People and AI Are Good Business Partners

What happens when the data-driven capabilities of AI are combined with human creativity? Exploring this futuristic collaboration, Shervin Khodabandeh, BCG managing director and senior partner, shares how to redesign companies so that people and machines can learn from each other.

How to Lead

How Great Leaders Innovate—Responsibly

In times of uncertainty, leaders have a responsibility to inspire hope. Sharing hard-won wisdom, General Catalyst chairman and managing director Ken Chenault talks about what it takes to enact positive, enduring change.

The Power of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

How to Reduce the Wealth Gap between Black and White Americans

White families in the United States have a median wealth nearly 10 times greater than that of Black families. BCG managing director and partner Kedra Newsom Reeves explores this racial wealth inequality, and outlines how financial institutions can support Black Americans.

Climate Change and Total Societal Impact 

Our Evolving World of Work

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