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Winning in the Pandemic. Lessons from the Nordic

Throughout the pandemic, Nordic companies have demonstrated an ability to react fast to changing circumstances and adapt their transformations.

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Swedish Consumer Sentiment 2021- Inspiration, Convenience, and Sustainability at the core when capturing your post-pandemic consumer

Survey on consumers behavioral changes, consumption patterns, and preferences during the pandemic, as well as what they anticipate once restrictions are lifted

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Finding the Value in Diversity: Diversity and Inclusion Isn’t Just a Fix

Leaders must step back and rethink their approach to diversity and inclusion. Read how companies that leverage diversity enhance their competitiveness.

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Disruption at our doorstep – Amazon’s arrival in Sweden and the Nordics

In this article, we outline what has been driving Amazon’s success, the scope of the conglomerate’s Swedish entry and what to expect ahead in terms of Amazon’s offering and market share.

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