Accelerate Transformation with DigitalBCG Immersion Centers

DigitalBCG Immersion Centers are hands-on, collaborative environments—both physical and virtual—that allow clients to envision and build their digital future.

When pilots learn to fly, they practice on a simulator first. In much the same way, DigitalBCG Immersion Centers help leaders practice steering an organization through a digital transformation before they undertake a real one.

Digital Immersion Centers, located in several major tech hubs around the world, provide in-person, virtual, and hybrid training sessions led by BCG’s digital experts. The day-long sessions at our digital centers are tailored to each client. In every case, though, BCG experts and clients come together to uncover an organization’s digital potential, revealing an array of possibilities and actionable steps to drive transformative digital journeys and deliver new, long-lasting value.

Inside DigitalBCG Digital Centers

How BCG’s Digital Centers Work

Immersion centers showcase the full spectrum of BCG digital competencies, including digital business strategy, data science and analytics, and enterprise technology architecture.

Leaders use BCG’s digital innovation centers to create their transformation journeys by, for example, learning how to adopt agile and other new ways of working. They also learn how to seamlessly blend technology with human capabilities to help their companies become bionic.

Experts from across all BCG digital disciplines lead in-person and virtual sessions that guide leaders through the steps involved in a digital transformation and reveal possible outcomes.

Leaders who go through a digital center immersive experience leave with a clear strategic direction, development roadmap, and next steps—everything they need to turn a potential digital transformation into reality.

What Does It Mean to Be Digital?

Our digital centers take visitors beyond a traditional experience. They allow you to experience firsthand how digital is going to impact your company and your strategy—and the changes you will encounter along the way.

Digital Immersion Center Customized Journey

Customized Digital Immersion Journeys

The digital innovation centers’ workshops cover a range of topics related to digital transformation and change management. Depending on the need, session formats may include the following.

Digital Immersion Center Benefits

DigitalBCG Immersion Center Benefits

Our digital centers offer resources that leaders need to begin or accelerate a digital transformation while providing support after a transformation has been conceptualized.

Meet the DigitalBCG Immersion Centers Team

Digital Immersion Center Locations

BCG Digital Center Locations

Immersion centers are located in four major world capitals of digital innovation.

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