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Energy is life. It powers industries, empowers communities, and builds societies. As the traditional boundaries of the industry continue to blur, BCG’s energy consultants light the way to the future of energy for our clients.

The world needs energy—affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy. But meeting the world’s energy requirements with net-zero climate impact is one of today’s most complex challenges.

Energy companies need to leverage the latest technologies, re-engineer processes, and rethink business models to drive change. BCG works with clients to build sustainable, competitive energy solutions to achieve a net-zero energy world for all.

Our Energy Services

BCG draws on a deep understanding of the energy industry, technologies, and stakeholders to help clients tackle today’s energy challenge and tap into new opportunities around the world. We work with business leaders, governments, and ecosystems to ensure that solutions are as practical as they are equitable and just.

How BCG Is Shaping the Future of Energy

Traditional energy sector boundaries are blurring as companies throughout every industry reach different stages in their energy transformation. As the new energy future continues to emerge, leaders must turn away from old approaches, embrace new thinking, and reinvent business models to ensure the proper supply and demand of sustainable energy for both businesses and the world beyond.

BCG’s energy consultants help clients decarbonize and rapidly scale zero-carbon solutions and technologies by working shoulder-to-shoulder with them to solve the energy trilemma—ensuring affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy—no matter where they are in their energy transformation.

Tomorrow’s energy solutions take shape today as BCG orchestrates innovative models and partnerships that strive for what’s best for all of us.

Our Client Success in Energy

Eneco to be Climate Neutral by 2035

Eneco, a Rotterdam-based energy company, recently announced an ambitious plan to become carbon neutral by 2035. BCG’s Christophe Brognaux spoke with As Tempelman, Eneco’s CEO, to learn the story behind the “One Planet” plan—and why Tempelman believes it’s so important to act now to prepare for the future of energy.

Digitizing E.ON’s Core Business

BCG helped E.ON reshape its core business into a powerful tool capable of addressing the challenges facing the power and utilities industry, such as climate change and managing sustainable energy demand and supply.

BCG Joins Breakthrough Energy Catalyst

Breakthrough Energy Catalyst, co-founded by BCG, is working to accelerate the energy transformation, including the development and scaling of green hydrogen and sustainable fuel.

Our Center of Excellence

Meet Our Energy Consulting Leader

Our energy consulting team helps clients seize the opportunities in today’s energy transformation. Here is our global leader on the topic:

Our Latest Thinking on Energy

Closing the Climate Action Gap | Promo

Closing the Climate Action Gap

Geopolitical uncertainty and market volatility are pressing concerns for business leaders. But with the future of the planet at stake, climate action must remain a top priority.

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