Center for Energy Impact

The Center for Energy Impact (CEI) shines light on the energy transition and what is required for the global transformation. CEI applies a holistic perspective to understanding and shaping bold responses to one of the most critical and complex challenges of our time.

Our deep expertise spans markets and economics, carbon and technology, capital and investors, focusing on the actions, geopolitics and resilience, and the microdynamics of politics and specific policies. We offer nuanced, constructive ideas and solutions covering the future availability, economics, and sustainability of the world’s energy sources—and the implications for energy companies, industries, investors, consumers, and governments. The CEI team is committed to facilitating informed, innovative discussions to make our world sustainable.

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What’s Igniting the Energy M&A Boom?

What’s Igniting the Energy M&A Boom?

BCG’s Rebecca Fitz discusses how the energy sector’s top performers are creating value by selectively pursuing deals that strategically align with their portfolio and capital objectives.

Mastering Scale in Renewables

Mastering Scale in Renewables

New entrants in renewable energy will need to think holistically, take a long-term approach, and understand the financial impact of different scale levers in order to succeed.

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