Center for Energy Impact

The Center for Energy Impact (CEI) aims to engage a changing industry in new and different ways by providing challenging ideas to drive performance. We shape thinking about the future availability, economics, and sustainability of the world's energy sources—and the implications for energy companies and their portfolios.

Our team is composed of senior thought leaders selected for their proven ability to advance thinking on topics that are critical for the energy industry. Members of CEI’s team work with BCG’s broader Energy practice to provide senior expertise and targeted, actionable insights to the firm’s wide range of clients around the world. And together with our advisory board of industry leaders, CEI provides a unique platform for industry dialogue.

Through forward-looking analysis and insight, CEI advises and challenges industry leadership and policymakers on the crucial issues affecting the industry and their businesses, identifying both emerging trends and potential solutions.

Capabilities and Services

  • Advisory Services. We advise leaders from a wide range of energy industry companies on the critical issues affecting the industry and their business, emerging trends, and forward-looking implications.
  • Upstream Strategic Trends. We provide structured and custom analysis on major trends in upstream strategy and portfolios, focusing on the rationale for different strategic approaches and providing forward-looking identification of potential pivot points in the industry.
  • Oil Markets. We develop insights on major trends in the evolving oil market structure, assessing critical drivers and highlighting the factors that will create the oil market of the future—as well as how companies can best position themselves to forecast the changes ahead.
  • Country Dynamics. We evaluate the major political, economic, and other aboveground factors that affect both specific company strategies and the energy industry overall.
  • Additional Topics. We develop critical insights on broader crosscutting, global, and emerging topics in the industry, including international natural gas markets, responses to climate change, and innovation in the energy service sector.

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