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The global energy transformation is extraordinarily complex. Explore our latest thought leadership on energy and find out how we’re helping to shape the future of the industry.

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Value Creation

Energy Transition and Climate

Strategies for a More Sustainable Future

Maurice Berns, Pratima Rangarajan, and Michael Avery discuss advancements in direct air capture and methane solutions, highlighting the challenges, collaborations, and digital initiatives shaping climate progress.

Getting to 100% Renewable Energy

Leaders must find a way to build renewable energy for the future while keeping the lights on today. A new mindset and new approaches are required to meet this challenge.

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Executive Perspectives

BCG Executive Perspectives: The CEO’s Dilemma

In this series, we examine the disruptive forces that are bearing down on business leaders today, so that they can understand where opportunities exist amid the uncertainty.

Digital and Technology

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Harnessing the Power of Data in Oil and Gas

To unlock the full value of existing operations, oil and gas companies must improve collaboration among their business and IT teams and leverage the mountains of data that they have at their disposal.

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Reduce Carbon and Costs with the Power of AI

Artificial intelligence has the potential to reduce companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and cut costs by monitoring their carbon footprint and then reducing it through increased efficiency.

Shell's MachineMax Revolutionizes Equipment Management with Telematics

Shell and BCG have paired numerous times to reimagine the future and, in the process, have incubated and launched several new businesses. MachineMax, which evolved from an initiative whose initial aim was to find new applications for Shell lubricants, provides an answer to a critical challenge facing the mining and construction industries: how to maximize the productivity of their equipment.

Diversity in Energy

Ensuring Commitment from Senior Leadership to Achieve Gender Balance

BCG's Tina Zuzek demonstrates how companies can retain their best female employees.

A Commitment to Gender Balance

BCG's Alan Thomson speaks to the tangible benefits of gender balance in the workplace.

Strengthening the Future Organization

What CEOs Can Learn from Energy Traders

As electricity markets become more volatile, the value of using energy flexibly is increasing. Companies can take four practical actions to create advantage.

Expert Insights on the Future of Hydrogen

Building the Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen will be a key player in the transition to renewable energy sources. ENOWA’s Roland Kaeppner and BCG’s Maurice Berns describe the use cases and opportunities to develop hydrogen across industries.

Hydrogen Is the Answer

Parker Meeks, CEO of Hyzon, explains why hydrogen is essential to decarbonization and what it will take to scale the needed infrastructure.

The Future of Underground Hydrogen Storage

Charlotte Roule, CEO of Storengy, Europe's largest storage operator, discusses the crucial role underground hydrogen storage will play in the energy transition.