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Health Care Payers, Providers, Systems & Services

The health care industry is facing transformational change. BCG helps health care payers, providers, systems, and services develop new initiatives to reposition—and reimagine—their organizations for the future, and to thrive in a postpandemic world.

The health care payers, providers, systems, and services landscape is being transformed. Digital engagement models are proliferating, with many patient journeys now beginning online. Health equity is becoming a priority for every organization that is serious about health outcomes. Site of care is continuing to shift from inpatient or hospital settings to outpatient facilities—and, where possible, to the home. Data and analytics are enabling greater agility and innovation in health care. And the basis of competition is moving toward ecosystems of players, including public sector, biopharma, medtech, and technology companies. BCG’s experts in health care strategy consulting are helping clients develop transformative solutions to their most pressing challenges and deliver outstanding value and positive change for organizations, patients, and society.

How We Help Health Care Payers, Providers, Systems & Services

Creating value for patients is both the ultimate goal and a critical competitive advantage for health care payers, providers, systems, and services worldwide. We use our deep industry knowledge to generate health care business models and health system strategies and solutions customized to each client’s situation. Key aspects of our work include the following.

Growth and Evolving Health Care Business Models

Innovation and Disruption

Patient Journeys of the Future

Digital Transformation

Health System Transformation

Advanced Analytics

New Ways of Working

Clinical Excellence

Payer Cost and Performance Transformation

Our Client Work with Health Care Payers, Providers, Systems & Services

BCG is helping health care payers, providers, systems, and services thrive in a market defined by increased complexity, tighter regulation, and breakthrough digital technologies.

Our Proprietary Tools and Solutions

We have a variety of proven benchmarks, tools, and frameworks to help health care payers, providers, systems, and services achieve growth and increased value.

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Our Value-Based Health Care Maturity Assessment Framework helps measure the progress of different countries as they work to delivering greater value in health care.

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BCG’s Hospital Suite compiles hospital metrics across regions to facilitate global health care benchmarking in such areas as hospital infrastructure, performance, finance, quality, and contracts.

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Our Patient Finder platform offers real-time, interactive analytics to map patient journeys, build prediction models, and facilitate operating-model changes.

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BCG’s state-of-the-art Health Care Capacity Planning tool allows hospitals and health systems to forecast gaps in health care resources.

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BCG’s proprietary tool Preparing Localities for Action Against Novel Coronavirus (PLAN) enables health care organizations to identify potential imbalances in capacity with regard to hospital beds, ICU beds, and ventilators, at both national and local levels.

Our Insights on Health Care Payers, Providers, Systems & Services

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The Expanding Health Care Metaverse

Most companies and institutions are at least experimenting with one or more use cases, but less than 20% have established a strategy to guide their activities.

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Doing More with Less in Health Care

Some of BCG's best advice to help provider, payer, biopharma, and medtech executives address the challenges and changes affecting the health care sector.


Investing in the People of the Public Health System

Lessons learned during COVID-19 present an opportunity to improve the US public health system. Expanding practitioners’ capacities in decision-making, communication, and working with data is a critical step.


The Future of Digital Health

Experts across BCG and BCG X talk about the trends and opportunities that lie ahead for the digital health care market.


The Existential Threat to US Hospitals

The finances of the US health system are weak. If systemic issues are not resolved, the situation will worsen, with detrimental consequences for patient care and care equity.

Meet Our Health Care Strategy Consulting Team

BCG’s experts on health care payers, providers, systems, and services partner with leading companies to develop solutions in managing health care costs and quality, health system strategy, innovation in health care, payer operations, and more. The following are our global and regional leaders in this area.

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