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Using Technology to Drive Growth in the Consumer Products Industry

Digital transformation, once a necessary journey, is now an urgent priority for consumer products brands. Starting with a deep understanding of your business—and the consumer products industry—we help you find the right use cases for developing the digital capabilities that power consumer-centric innovation.

Mastering digital can mean a big game of catchup that affects your value chain, channel mix, and position in the broader retail ecosystem. We begin our consumer products consulting services by partnering with you to define, test, and prove how advanced data collection and analysis, AI, digital supply chain, and other enhancements will create value—before expanding or embedding these capabilities in your operating model. We automate what’s transactional and create cross-functional teams to harness the ingenuity and innovation you’ll need to meet consumers’ changing demands.

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Our Client Work with the Consumer Products Industry

  • A multinational food and beverage retailer, with supply chain organizations across more than 20 markets, engaged BCG and BCG GAMMA to build a machine-learning algorithm to improve its demand forecast. The project increased accuracy by 4 to 18 percentage points, reduced demand planners’ time by 50%, and returned an additional 0.4% to 0.8% points EBIT.
  • BCG engaged with a global personal care company to establish digital marketing centers of excellence in six countries, with staff capable of integrating 3,000 sites and social pages into personalized customer journeys. The company has become an aggressive digital marketer, with more than 50 global digital campaigns delivering, on average, three times the ROI.
  • A South American electronics and furniture retailer engaged BCG and BCG GAMMA to create a localized demand forecaster to optimize assortment at more than 1,000 stores. Our machine learning approach leveraged multiple data sets, including geolocational data, to generate demand estimates, creating potential increases of $200 million in sales and $50 million in cash margin.
  • To embed data-driven marketing at an iconic global brewer, BCG helped develop cross-functional teams across ten countries that produced more than 50 pilot campaigns over two years. The new marketing effort doubled digital media ROI, reduced cost-per-touchpoint by 30%, and increased offline sales by more than 10% in pilot areas.

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