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Telecommunications Industry

We help telecommunications companies embrace AI, agile, and bold new approaches for a reinvented customer experience and a reinvigorated business—while keeping costs in check.

For many telcos, the transformation in the world around them is happening faster than the transformation within. Tower companies—not telcos—are leading the way in shareholder returns. Digital giants—agile and global—are launching innovative services quickly and widely. New technologies, like software-defined networking and virtualization, are adding more vendors, more options, and more uncertainty to decisions about infrastructure investment. As the telecommunications industry undergoes major shifts, telcos must shift, too.

How best to do that? The answer lies not in outdated business or operating models but in bolder ideas, strategies, and execution. This means applying transformative enablers such as artificial intelligence and agile ways of working, embracing end-to-end digitization, and taking new—even daring—approaches to network excellence.

Our Approach to Telecommunications Consulting

We help telcos transform their business—and the services and experiences they provide—by focusing on eight imperatives.

To help telecommunications companies achieve these goals, we combine deep knowledge of the telecommunications industry with expertise in cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

AI at Scale in Telco

Agile at Scale in Telco

Digital End-to-End Transformation

Center for Telco Networks

This is How To Counter the Global Digital Divide
Connectivity has become a conduit to information, communication, education, and societal well-being. BCG has teamed up with the WEF and UNDP to help ensure that everyone has access to these benefits.


Meet Our Telecommunications Consulting Experts

Our Impact in the Telecommunications Industry

Our telecommunications consultants have partnered with operators across the globe to bring new technologies, new experiences, and new possibilities to telco customers. Examples include:

Closing the Digital Divide in Schools
Millions of school children do not have internet access, impairing their ability to thrive in their local and global economies. BCG partnered with the ITU and UNICEF on the Giga initiative to close the digital divide and equip every child with digital connectivity.

Our Insights for Telecommunications Companies

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What Five Trends Mean for Telcos

To succeed, telcos will have to navigate a series of shocks and trends that will force them to revisit their traditional strategic approaches.

Ensuring Digital Transformation Success

Patrick Forth, a managing director and senior partner, explains how you can successfully transform your organization.

How Mobile Operators Can Profitably Deploy 5G Technology

To capture 5G's full benefits, operators must key their capex investments to how customers will actually use the network.

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