Leading in the New Reality

The world has changed forever. Competitive advantage awaits business leaders who act quickly in this new reality. Are you ready for the challenge?

By focusing on three critical areas—climate and sustainability, digital transformation, and resilience—companies can thrive today and in the future. Here’s how.

Even once the pandemic is behind us, businesses won’t be able to return to business as usual. The rapid acceleration of new ways of working and technology is widening the gap between winning and losing organizations; those unable to adapt to the new reality will be left behind. The task for leaders is to navigate the complexities of this current environment while preparing for the future. They’ll have to pivot quickly and refocus their attention to solve critical challenges in the years ahead, taking bold action to build organizations that are able to withstand the tests of time. BCG has the experience and insights to help.

Climate & Sustainability

Businesses are at a defining moment to act on sustainability. Those that act decisively have the opportunity to create sustainable competitive advantage for the long term. Thanks to the scale and speed at which they operate, businesses are also uniquely positioned to address climate change and many of the other serious challenges facing our world. We have the expertise to help companies step up their commitments, reduce their emissions, and partner across the public, private, and social sectors to generate sustainable impact.

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Rising to the Challenges of Integrating Solar and Wind at Scale

According to our new global survey, 85% of organizations are concerned about reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, and 96% have set targets for reducing emissions in at least one scope. (See “Our Methodology.”) Yet only 11% have cut their emissions in line with their ambitions over the past five years.


BCG research suggests that the gap between winners and losers increases during a crisis—and that performance in times of turmoil has far-reaching consequences. But resilience isn’t just about weathering the storm. It’s about being ready for whatever comes next, finding ways to minimize disruption and adapt quickly to change. To win in the new reality, businesses will have to reflect on what they learned during the pandemic and integrate those lessons into their operating models and ways of working.

Real-World Supply Chain Resilience

Real-World Supply Chain Resilience

After the COVID-19 crisis forced leaders to shift their attention to navigating critical short-term issues, many are now refocusing on the longer-term agenda for their businesses. Here are five key imperatives for succeeding in the remainder of this decade.

Priorities for the C-Suite in 2022

Priorities for the C-Suite in 2022

CEOs heading into the new year face complex disruptions—climate change, rapid advances in technology, and the ongoing pandemic, to name a few. Where should they focus? BCG experts share their thoughts on an agenda for the year ahead.

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Digital Transformation

The pandemic has put the power of digital on full display, catapulting the world of work five to ten years into the future. Even as employees start to return to their offices, it’s clear that workplaces won’t ever return to normal. Leading in the new reality requires robust digital capabilities and—in many cases—a comprehensive transformation that can support these new ways of working.

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Leading in the New Reality