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A Perfect Storm – Industry Perspective on the Effects of COVID-19 and Proposed Regulations on the Power Sector

The Indian economy has been impacted due to reduced industrial activity caused by pandemic-related disruptions. Given the disruption, fundamental assumptions of business have changed across industries including in the power and utility sector. While some of these changes would be transient, several others are likely to have more lasting impact.

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Making India A Global Chemicals Powerhouse: Vision for the 2020’s
The $300 Billion Opportunity for India

The Indian Chemical Industry is in a sweet spot of unrealised potential and tremendous opportunity. It holds a prominent position on the global stage – sixth largest in the world, and the third largest in Asia. It has, however, perennially been the “latent potential” sector – a promising future, but significant short term under-delivery.

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Building India’s Digital Highways: The Potential of Open Digital Ecosystems (ODEs)

India, and the world at large, are at the cusp of a paradigm shift in the way digital solutions are being deployed for large-scale societal impact. ODEs are: “open and secure digital platforms that enable a community of actors to unlock transformative solutions for society, based on a robust governance framework”. This report discusses both the ‘tech’ and ‘non-tech’ dimensions of the ODE approach, establishes the key building blocks of ODEs, estimates the potential benefits and identifies critical risks, and charts a roadmap for the successful adoption and implementation of ‘responsible’ ODEs.

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