Diversity & Inclusion: Strategic Value Sprint

Understanding the starting point, clarifying the gaps, implementing the right interventions, and tracking clear metrics are the fundamental building blocks for improving and accelerating the progress of diversity and inclusion initiatives within an organization. BCG’s approach includes a “strategic value sprint” designed to bring insight to light and seize the opportunities with the highest potential.

Analyze Current Diversity & Inclusion Performance

BCG works alongside organizations to clarify the current state and identify the forward trajectory.

  • We collect and collate all available internal data regarding the current state of diversity in the organization across geographies, business units, and cohorts.
  • We leverage big data and analytics to fully harvest all necessary information.
  • We create an analytical baseline and forward trajectory in the momentum case (the do-nothing scenario).

Understand What Works

In addition to the data, we work with companies to understand the gaps: what has worked in the past, what should be turbocharged, and where the organization needs to focus.

  • We clarify the root causes of challenges—and successes—through focus groups and interviews with key stakeholders.
  • We use our tried and tested Diversity and Inclusion Assessment for Leadership tool, which allows leaders to create a customized starting point, gap analysis, and forward plan based on their unique needs. It also enables benchmarking against industry and geography, leveraging our existing database of more than 25,000 responses and more than 8 million data points from across the globe.

Identifying and Scoping Strategic Priorities

Using the baseline and benchmarking results, we work with organizations to determine the right interventions in order to address the gaps and focus on those that move the needle and are known to work according to our extensive research.

Not all interventions are created equal, and the key is to identify the proven measures and hidden gems that will make a difference for each organization. To see real change, companies need to focus on what works and prioritize the right measures. 

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