The Go-to-Market Revolution

Rapid, fundamental changes are occurring in three areas: customer pathways, globalization, and digitization. All of this is changing how businesses go to market, and is leading to a transformation across industries. Companies that ride the wave of technological and customer-driven change will be able to deploy commercial capabilities with an unprecedented level of sophistication.

Benefits of a Go-to-Market Transformation

Experience has shown that businesses can achieve aggregate growth of more than 10% by transforming multiple commercial functions and capabilities. Examples include:

It is an exciting time for business leaders with ambition and foresight, as there are many fresh ways to attract and engage customers and to spur growth and profitability. Making a change in strategy and capabilities in marketing, sales, or pricing can help drive growth. And while making any change can show immediate results, long-term growth is achieved through capabilities that are sustainable over time.


Growth is an imperative. But it needs to be profitable growth—and that is not a given. In the recent era of uncertainty and financial constraint, many companies have focused on efficiency by cutting costs, even in the go-to-market commercial functions crucial to driving revenue. But now they’ve reached the point of diminishing returns. A small set of successful companies is taking a different path.

Excerpt from A Growth Zealot’s Guide to Transformation

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