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Operational excellence is vital for gaining and sustaining competitive advantage—but it’s also more challenging than ever. BCG’s operations consulting teams help clients unlock value from every aspect of their operations.

Maximizing operational efficiency and effectiveness has never been easy. Yet excelling at operations management is even more daunting today owing to supply chain disruptions, trade instability, changes in customer expectations, and the rise of digital operations, which have upended services and manufacturing processes. These developments have business leaders in every industry asking, “What will the future of operations look like? And how can we succeed in that new landscape?”

At BCG, we partner with clients at every level of their organization to drive transformational change—and impact—in key areas of operations management ranging from procurement, service operations, and supply chain to manufacturing, capital project management, and end-to-end operational excellence.

Our Operations Services

How BCG Unlocks New Value from Operations

At BCG, we know that excellence in operations—including managing operational costs and driving topline growth--is core to both competitive advantage and a sustainable future. We draw on our global operations consulting team to deliver tangible, enduring impact across our clients’ entire operations management value chain.

To unlock this potential, we partner with our clients at every level of the organization. And we deploy a unique blend of industry, operations, and digital operations expertise to accelerate results while building capabilities customized to each client’s unique circumstances.

We strive to help our clients win today and thrive tomorrow.

BCG’s Operations Work with Clients

BCG has completed more than 3,000 operations projects for clients in recent years. The stories featured here speak to the impacts our operations teams have achieved through close partnerships with clients.

Our Global Operations Centers

BCG’s Operations Centers, located around the world, help companies transform operations to become leaner, move faster, and supercharge operational efficiency. For all clients seeking to fundamentally and sustainably improve their operations, including managing operational costs and achieving topline revenue growth, we provide deep functional expertise across multiple industries. Our operations consulting process enables swift action and our solutions empower clients to overcome even the toughest operations challenges.

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The Soft Side of Operational Transformation

The Soft Side of Operational Transformation

The Soft Side of Operational Transformation

Unlocking Value Through Technology

Unlocking Value Through Technology

Innovation in Operations

Innovation in Operations

Finding Advantage in Adversity

Finding Advantage in Adversity

Meet Our Operations Consulting Leaders

The 1,000-plus operations consultants who make up our global network have a long track record of partnering closely with clients to help unlock new value from every aspect of their operations. Our team includes dedicated experts in areas such as operational cost consulting, generalist consultants with a focus on operations, senior advisers, and Operations Center members.

BCG’s Latest Thinking About Operations


The Green Factory of the Future

Manufacturers can implement win-win actions in their production and logistics operations that benefit the environment and create financial value.


The Changing Role of the Procurement Organization

For procurement organizations, today's uncertainty has made risk mitigation and cost reduction tougher than ever. Learning lessons from the pandemic will be key to survival and sustainable competitive advantage. See below for the critical steps that teams can take to overcome current shocks and withstand futures ones.


The Service Factory of the Future

Giant call centers, commodity offerings, and rigid scripts for dealing with customers will give way to agile, AI-enabled organizations that combine hyperpersonalization with ultraindustrialization.

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