Sales Force Effectiveness Delivers Real Results

A great go-to-market strategy won’t be successful without an effective sales force. Likewise, a business’s sales force relies on a strong go-to-market strategy. BCG can help energize the sales force, create a plan to boost efficiency, and drive revenue for the business.

There are three major areas for improving sales force effectiveness: strategy, execution, and capabilities. To create a successful strategy, you must know what drives success, set clear objectives, and foster customer and channel evolution. Execution entails balancing impact and the cost to serve. It also requires knowing which activities add value and focusing on them. Finally, having the right capabilities ensures long-term success. They make it possible to create and enforce a performance culture, continuously upgrade the sales force, and use the platforms that drive efficiency and effectiveness.

The BCG team works with each client to first complete a diagnosis to determine where opportunities exist for improvement. Then, we help our clients define core objectives, create and test a strategy, and roll out the plan. These efforts can generate as much as 15% increase in revenue and profit.

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