Immersive Digital Experiences

DigitalBCG Immersion Centers offer a hands-on, collaborative way for clients to build their digital future.

DigitalBCG Immersion Centers bring together the full spectrum of BCG’s digital competencies to help companies seamlessly blend technological and human capabilities, thus becoming “bionic”. Drawing on BCG’s broad and comprehensive expertise—including digital business strategy, data science and analytics, and enterprise technology architecture—our digital centers enable business leaders to cocreate their transformation journeys.

In hands-on, collaborative sessions with BCG experts from across all digital disciplines, our digital centers create immersive experiences for teams in order to push the boundaries of what is possible—and make abstract ideas a reality.

If in-person workshops are not possible due to safety issues or travel restrictions, sessions with interactive content specifically designed to provide an immersive experience in a virtual setting are also available.

What Does It Mean to Be Digital?

Our digital centers take visitors beyond a traditional experience. They allow you to experience firsthand how digital is going to impact your company and your strategy—and the changes you will encounter along the way.

How DigitalBCG Immersion Centers Accelerate Transformation

Our digital centers are designed to inspire thoughtful, transformative initiatives. They create a space for innovation and collaboration with digital experts, delivering actionable outcomes to jump-start your own digital transformation.

Covering every stage of the digital-transformation journey, our workshops are designed with each client’s business context in mind—so no two sessions will look exactly alike. Together, we uncover the digital potential for organizations, revealing an array of possibilities and actionable steps to drive transformative digital journeys and deliver new, long-lasting value for your organization.

Center Locations

Our DigitalBCG Immersion Center locations include Paris, New York, Silicon Valley, and Shenzhen. In addition, BCG has more than 20 immersive locations around the globe, which cover more specific digital capabilities and transformation topics.

Meet the DigitalBCG Immersion Centers Team

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