Communications & Branding Strategy for Diversity & Inclusion

How company leaders communicate about diversity and inclusion programs—both internally to employees and externally to customers and stakeholders—is a core part of any diversity and inclusion strategy. BCG brings extensive experience to the challenges of communications and branding, as does BrightHouse, a global creative consultancy and an independent business division of BCG since 2015. 

Leadership Engagement

At the core of BCG’s work is the formation of partnerships with executives at the highest level of organizations—together addressing their greatest challenges and designing a shared narrative, such as the case for increasing diversity, that will lead them to sustainable success. 

Communicating the Diversity Narrative

Leaders have to become experts at sharing the case for change and overall intent to the entire organization. The success of a cultural-change journey hinges on this communication, as it engages and energizes the company and helps to bring employees along on the journey. Successful communication involves two steps:

  • Start by establishing buy-in from leaders across the organization.
  • Combine internal beliefs for the need for diversity with the underlying cultural context in order to ensure the appropriate interpretation of results.

Branding with BrightHouse

While communicating the case for change can galvanize an organization around shared beliefs, enacting that change requires that every employee evolve their behaviors. This shift often requires internal campaigns and messaging that help employees understand their role in the big picture, as well as how they can contribute to advancing diversity and inclusion. There may also be a desire to share these efforts externally, branding them to attract top talent.


BrightHouse is a creative consultancy that pioneered the practice of “purpose” more than two decades ago. This unique group of 60 thinkers—strategists, writers, designers, luminaries, and filmmakers—bring creative capabilities to round out BCG’s offerings, creating powerful solutions that inspire meaningful, measurable change. With a presence in Atlanta, Berlin, and New York, BrightHouse provides complete offerings for purpose as well as branding and marketing, with unique methodologies and frameworks that have accelerated transformation and value creation for Fortune 500 companies and brands around the globe.

When the world’s top consulting firm buys the company that brings purpose to society, it’s because they know that the most important client is, in fact, humanity.

—Joey Reiman, BrightHouse founder

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion