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Digital Government

Digital government services leverage emerging technology and a government’s own vast data to better serve citizens. BCG’s Center for Digital Government unlocks the potential for greater effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation—and change at scale.

Building a public sector that is fit for the future requires governments to digitize existing processes and services—at a minimum. While emerging tools such as artificial intelligence and blockchain hold promise, simply embracing new technologies will not be enough. Achieving coherent reform and comprehensive change will also demand an overhaul of organizational structures, capabilities, governance, work processes, and culture.

BCG’s Digital Government Benchmark Study

The landscape for digital government is a promising but challenging one: although more citizens in more places are using more digital services, governments are still struggling to get digital right. 

According to BCG’s 2018 Digital Government Benchmark Study, 78% of the more than 14,000 respondents said they believe digital government services have improved over the past two years. (The biennial study has been conducted since 2012.) At the same time, however, net satisfaction scores globally have declined by an average of 10% across all 26 of the individual digital government services covered by the study.

BCG’s Offerings in Digital Government


Digital Strategy and Roadmaps

Digitization at the national level is a high-stakes endeavor that countries cannot afford to get wrong. We work with governments around the world to assess their digital maturity and identify opportunities to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

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Digital Services Transformation

To transform the end-to-end digital journey, BCG reimagines the entire experience by addressing citizens’ major pain points and unmet needs, deploying digital technologies, and streamlining underlying processes through techniques such as lean, automation, and robotics.

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Digital and Data Platforms

It is fundamental to start modernizing IT early in the digital transformation journey. A critical first step is implementing a data and digital platform, which decouples the data layer from legacy systems to facilitate data sharing and usage. It helps develop an interface between digital services and digitized processes.

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Agile Enterprise for Public Sector

Agile is a new way of working that enables a public organization to be more nimble, more focused on citizen value, more attractive to talent. It also helps drive better outcomes and achieve impact by delivering services and products to constituencies more quickly.

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Value-Based Policy and Services

By developing the capabilities required to use big data and advanced analytics, governments can create significant public value by more effectively using the data they create, publish, and have access to. Success requires rethinking the role that data and analytics plays in government.

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The first stage of BCG’s approach to cybersecurity is to assess how secure your organization is now. In the second stage, using the risk registry developed in the assessment stage, BCG works with you to design a program tailored to your vulnerabilities.

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Our Latest Thinking in Digital Government

Responsible AI Builds Trust in Government

Responsible AI Builds Trust in Government

To earn the public’s support, government use of advanced analytics must include stakeholder input, proper controls, regular reviews, and contingency plans for lapses.

Partnerships & Capabilities in Digital Government

Our multidisciplinary team of digital experts and strategic partnerships enable us to deliver a holistic approach. Together, we bring to bear experience in applying emerging technologies, creating excellent end-user experiences for government services, and building internal capabilities and delivering change at scale. 

Our teams leverage data to optimize policy and service delivery and develop and implement strategies and roadmaps that shape the government of the future.

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