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Harnessing the Power of AI in Greece: Embarking on the Path to Value

AI is already here in Greece. The challenge is to follow a more strategic and structured approach in order to benefit across the value chain and harness the full power of AI.

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Greece's Startup Ecosystem: A Prime Opportunity for Economic Growth

Greece is emerging as a hub for innovative startups. Helping fuel this transformation is EquiFund, a platform that expects to provide Greek startups with up to €1 billion by 2022. Although capital is a catalyst for growth, a sustainable startup ecosystem requires more than investor interest. In this report, we outline strategies that can encourage competition and innovation as well as demonstrate Greece's capacity to host and grow Greek and international startups.

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The New Normal in Global Trade and Container Shipping

For this report, we conducted in-depth analyses of demand-side developments, reviewing those that affect major global trade routes, or trades, and key drivers of container demand. Our aim was to understand whether these trends will prove cyclical or become a new normal.

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Ensuring Digital Readiness in Financial Services

Across industries, digital innovators are pushing customer service standards higher every day, offering ever-expanding arrays of cutting-edge, digitally enabled services and features. Prominent examples include Netflix’s low-latency, high-availability offering; Amazon’s real-time personalized offers based on customer profiles; and Uber’s convenient, intuitive user interface

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