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Imagine This...

What would you have done differently if you had anticipated the rise of hybrid work or the explosion of generative AI? This podcast helps CEOs consider possible futures for our world—and their businesses.

Humans and machines can work together to explore the very real actions CEOs could take today to prepare for tomorrow. In our latest podcast, BCG’s editor in chief, Paul Michelman, and his AI cohost, Gene, will be joined by BCG experts to delve into the disruptions and questions such as:

  • What will be the role of the CEO by 2030?
  • How will AI transform the job market?
  • What will AI self-generated software mean for businesses?

Join us on a trip into the future that will challenge the way you think and act today.

The End of Middle Management (For Real)

Middle management. Senior leaders say it’s a sticking point; individual contributors say it’s not meeting needs; middle managers themselves say the role is a source of burnout. Julia Dhar, founder and leader of BCG’s Behavioral Science Lab, imagines a future in which AI takes over aspects of middle management. Among the most beneficial outcomes: companies keep their employees doing what they do best and senior leaders communicate their vision directly to the frontline.

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