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Digital Transformation

How are companies in my sector doing? Is there any proof that transformations deliver real results? Where are leaders focusing their transformation programs?

Climate and Sustainability

Businesses are at a defining moment to act on sustainability. Those that act decisively have the opportunity to create resilience and sustainable competitive advantage for their business models for the long term.

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Will Electricity Be Free? Not When You Really Need It

As governments decarbonize their economies through renewable energy generation, volatility in electricity prices will surge. Players can use multiple levers to mitigate it—but they must act carefully to avoid damaging industrial competitiveness and increasing costs.

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BCG Executive Perspectives

BCG Executive Perspectives offer insights on global topics that matter most to leaders in the public and private sectors. Explore these topics and read the latest thinking from BCG's experts.

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Me, Myself, and AI: A Podcast on Artificial Intelligence in Business

Why do only 10% of companies succeed with AI? In this series by BCG and MIT SMR, we talk to the leaders who've achieved big wins with AI in their companies and learn how they did it.


CO2 AI by BCG: AI for Sustainability

BCG’s proprietary CO2 AI solution supports AI for sustainability and enables companies to measure emissions exhaustively and frequently.

BCG's Annual Sustainability Report 2021

BCG's Annual Sustainability Report

We are putting the power of BCG to work in order to make a difference in the world.


New Zealand’s Most Innovative Companies 2022

In the current uncertain business environment, innovation has become a top concern for business leaders globally, and it continues to grow in importance. To that end, BCG’s Most Innovative Companies survey identifies New Zealand’s best innovators and explores how innovation can transform businesses.

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Featured Insights

Featured Insights and Perspectives from BCG