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Digital Transformation

By taking a bionic approach, blending human and technical capabilities, companies can kick their digital transformation into gear—and keep the momentum going.


BCG Executive Perspectives, Edition 35: Artificial Intelligence

BCG Executive Perspectives offer insights on global topics that matter most to leaders in the public and private sectors. Our latest edition explores artificial intelligence, identifying key trends and implications for leaders looking to harness its power in their organizations.

The Future of Work

COVID-19 accelerated changes that were already reshaping the workplace. How can companies keep the momentum going?


The So What from BCG: Why the Way We Work Is Broken

How can organizations recalibrate their outdated approach to leadership, work, culture, and purpose? Debbie Lovich, who leads BCG’s people strategy topic, and Brian Elliott, executive leader and senior vice president of Future Forum, explore.

Decoding the Digital Talent Challenge

Decoding the Digital Talent Challenge

In a global survey, 9,900 digital workers shared their attitudes about remote work, job change, and what their ideal workplace should offer. Employers, take note.

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BCG Partners with the World Economic Forum

As a strategic partner of World Economic Forum, BCG is closely aligned with the forum's commitment to improving the state of the world.


The Business Impact of COVID-19

The world has changed forever. Organizations that embrace this new reality—and reimagine how to operate in it—will outperform and outlast the competition.

    Reading List 2021

    BCG Reading List

    Covering topics from sustainability to pandemic response, BCG's reading list offers the chance to reflect on learnings from the past year.

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    How to by BCG

    Explore our How to by BCG collection—a central hub of interactive briefings designed to help you turn advanced business insights into strategic action.

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    Featured Insights

    Featured Insights and Perspectives from BCG