BCG at Davos

A BCG delegation—led by our CEO, Christoph Schweizer—joined public and private leaders at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in May 2022 in Davos to address global societal and business challenges.

This year’s theme, “History at a Turning Point: Government Policies and Business Strategies,” was a response to the war in Ukraine, the resulting humanitarian tragedies, and the ongoing global pandemic. Leaders are currently being called on to respond to urgent humanitarian and security needs while simultaneously addressing persistent global issues such as inequality and climate change. Despite these challenges, we firmly believe in the power of unlocking the potential of those who advance the world. We were honored to join leading experts from business, society, and government to work toward solutions that improve livelihoods and shape a more sustainable future.

Bringing Our Expertise to Davos

Our experts are looking forward to diving deep into conversations with fellow thinkers and leaders to discuss, among other topics, artificial intelligence and climate and sustainability—critical forces that will continue to influence policymaking and business strategy in the years ahead.

Highlights from Davos 2022

Meet Our Official Delegation, Led by CEO Christoph Schweizer

Our CEO, Christoph Schweizer, will lead BCG’s delegation at Davos. Prior to assuming his current role, Christoph served as BCG’s chairman for Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He has also served as a member of the firm's Executive and Operating Committees since 2014. Christoph’s interest in artificial intelligence and climate and sustainability—as well as his thoughts on leadership amid today’s uncertainty—are sure to be key drivers of conversation.


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The public and private sectors must work together to find a global path to net zero. Businesses can’t afford to ignore this imperative or overlook the opportunity it entails.

BCG-WEF Project: The Net-Zero Challenge

BCG-WEF Project: The Net-Zero Challenge

The race to net-zero emissions will forever change the way many companies do business. The immediacy, pace, and extent of change are still widely underestimated. Early movers can seize significant advantage. This report shows how.

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Six Steps to a Sustainability Transformation

Efforts by companies to transform their business to become truly sustainable will disrupt industries and yield new growth opportunities. But successful transformations won’t be easy.


Those who can scale this technology will build substantial competitive advantage in the years ahead. But leaders must invest equally in human capabilities—and find ways to bring out the best of man and machine.

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The Future of Jobs in the Era of AI

An in-depth analysis of the US, Germany, and Australia shows how technology will disrupt labor markets by 2030—displacing millions of workers but creating new opportunities as well.

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Why AI Needs a Social License

If business wants to use AI at scale, adhering to the technical guidelines for responsible AI development isn’t enough. It must obtain society’s explicit approval to deploy the technology.

Executive Perspectives for AI_Davos 2022_ rectangle.jpg

Artificial Intelligence: Ready to Ride the Wave?

Given its ever-expanding application, AI may soon be more than just a way to gain a competitive edge. While unlocking the full power of AI is no easy task, it’s an essential one for surviving and thriving now and in the years ahead.

The BCG-WEF Partnership

BCG is proud to partner with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to shape public and private agendas and drive sustainable positive impact. Our shared goal is to engage stakeholders and improve business and government outcomes on a global scale. Current collaborations include:

CEO Climate Leaders Call for Action Toward Net-Zero Emissions

Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders

BCG’s Christoph Schweizer and Rich Lesser are members of the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders— a global network of CEOs working to catalyze action in all sectors to deliver on the goals of the Paris Agreement. Rich Lesser also serves as chief advisor to the Alliance.


First Movers Coalition (FMC)

BCG is a founding member of the First Movers Coalition, a group of forward-thinking companies that aim to jumpstart the global demand for critical emerging solutions by mobilizing the necessary investments and lowering costs.

Highlights from Previous WEF Annual Meetings

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