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We have deep expertise in supporting organizations to drive measurable change in both diversity and inclusion.

Réflexions en temps de douleur et d’agitation

Un message de notre PDG, Rich Lesser, sur le meurtre de George Floyd, le nombre disproportionné de cas de COVID-19 dans les communautés de couleur et les mesures que nous pouvons envisager pour un monde plus équitable.

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Diversity & Inclusion Insights

BCG’s insights also reveal which shifts leaders need to make—and where to focus investments—in order to increase diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Is Just the First Step. Inclusion Comes Next.

Companies can’t capture the real value of a diverse workforce until they create an organizational culture that welcomes everyone—truly everyone—to participate.

Recruiting for a Successful Future

Don’t keep recruiting the same kind of people, who look just like you, warns Miki Tsusaka. Diversity makes for better outcomes.

It’s important to look at workplace diversity along a number of dimensions, including gender, race and ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, nation of origin, and socioeconomic status.

Our goal is to increase diversity, unlocking the potential of every BCGer and client team member. To do so, we invest in people and in the research that reveals which tools, programs, and cultural changes are necessary to deliver sustainable impact.

Matt Krentz
Managing Director & Senior Partner

Why Address Diversity Now?

Organizations that lack diversity will find themselves falling behind in the war for talent. Research shows that more diverse companies benefit from more engaged and ambitious staff, greater innovation, and a better bottom line. Despite these facts, only 5% of CEOs are women, and that number has not meaningfully moved in decades. And while approximately 98% of employees say their company has a gender diversity program in place, only about a quarter feel that they have personally benefited from a diversity intervention.

Fixing the Flawed Approach to Diversity

There is growing governmental pressure on organizations to change this dynamic. In addition, with global media attention through movements such as Me Too, Time’s Up, and worldwide women’s marches, company leaders must address the issue in order to improve recruiting and maintain credibility.

And demographics are shifting. Younger generations have different expectations in terms of culture and working norms, and those companies that are progressive and forward thinking will win the war for talent.

Our Approach

Why do some diversity measures work and others fall short? Many companies strive for increased diversity through a trial-and-error approach, hoping for good results. When efforts fail—as they often do—the results are a waste of resources and often frustrating for employees.

BCG partners with companies to implement proven strategies that can improve diversity and inclusion within an organization. We use data to shatter existing ideas of what works and guide organizations toward the measures that make a meaningful difference: 

  • Implementing formal flexible working models
  • Committing publicly to a goal of change
  • Tracking the progress of diversity
  • Establishing sponsorship programs
  • Creating an inclusive culture

Diversity & Inclusion: Strategic Value Sprint

Diversity & Inclusion: Strategic Value Sprint

BCG works with companies across industries and across the globe to understand the fundamental building blocks of improving and accelerating the progress of diversity and inclusion.

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Tracking and Measuring Diversity

Tracking and Measuring Diversity

We have broad experience working with organizations to identify the right metrics and goals so that they can make meaningful change.

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Driving Diversity Through Cultural Change

Driving Diversity Through Cultural Change

Making progress with diversity and inclusion is a journey of cultural change that must go hand in hand with a broader cultural transformation.

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Advancing Diversity Through New Ways of Working

Advancing Diversity Through New Ways of Working

We work with organizations and alongside leadership in order to build the roadmap toward a truly inclusive culture—and drive real change in the way people work every day.

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Communications & Branding Strategy for Diversity & Inclusion

Communications & Branding Strategy for Diversity & Inclusion

BCG and BrightHouse, an independent business division of BCG, work with organizations to excavate purpose and then use it to inform decisions, actions to live it, and messaging to spread the word.

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Our Latest Thinking

When organization create an inclusive culture that values diversity, everyone wins.

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Diversity & Inclusion