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Blockbuster Script for the New Decade: Way Forward for Indian Media and Entertainment Industry

BCG in association with CII has released the flagship report of the media and entertainment sector that highlights the industry’s multimodal growth story while laying out key imperatives and the path forward to achieve rapid growth over the next decade of rapid transformation.

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The Poster Child

Banks need to embrace holding structures that can unbundle ‘Fintech Premium’ to attract talent. The industry needs to actively promote Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) platform to ward-off the threat of BigTech. The regulator and government need to re-imagine co-lending as a digital marketplace and unlock massive potential of blockchain.

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Electric 2 Wheelers: Nascent Market at the Cusp of Disruption

The Electric 2-wheeler (E2W) market, while nascent, is fast emerging as a new space for innovation, activity and potential scale. It is abuzz with excitement as old and new players are introducing and bringing in exciting products, new forms of technology, models of distribution, and value-added customer services every day. This report seeks to decode the chatter in the E2W market and assess the potential vectors for its evolution over the next 5-7 years.

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Measure To Grow: Drive double-digit growth by measuring marketing right

Digital is the fastest-growing marketing channel in India, however, marketing measurement capabilities and approach have not kept pace. This report brings forth an industry consensus on unlocking exponential growth through optimal marketing measurement and provides a five step guide for organizations to accelerate their measurement journey to unlock growth.

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