Our Latest Thinking on Power & Utilities

Utilities are transforming in the face of increased uncertainty, weak growth in traditional businesses, and increasing customer and stakeholder expectations. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on power and utilities to learn more about the threats and opportunities that will impact your business.

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The Bionic Network of the Future

Large-Scale Renewables

Mastering Scale in Renewables

Mastering Scale in Renewables

New entrants in renewable energy will need to think holistically, take a long-term approach, and understand the financial impact of different scale levers in order to succeed.

Floating Offshore Wind: Renewable Opportunity Frontier

We stand at the edge of an exciting renewable energy frontier. BCG expects that technology developments and cost reductions will make floating offshore wind, once considered unfeasible or prohibitively expensive, an important green energy opportunity.

Transmission & Distribution

Sales & Services and Distributed Energy Resources

Re-Writing the Rules of Operations: A Discussion with Octopus Energy’s Greg Jackson and Jon Paull

Leadership from the startup sustainable energy retailer discuss their innovative approach to operations that prioritizes autonomy, trust, and responsibility.

Three Ways Utility Companies Can Drive Fresh Growth in Retail

According to BCG’s Stephan Lehrke, power companies can increase their retail business by increasing customer growth and improving profitability, moving into other markets, and building up their retail operations through value-added services—especially digital.

Holger Rubel on Where the Distributed Energy Market Is Headed

Distributed energy is transforming the way energy is generated and used. To stay competitive, incumbents must strengthen their understanding of B2B and B2C customers’ needs in diverse industries.

Diversity in Energy

Ensuring Commitment from Senior Leadership to Achieve Gender Balance

BCG's Tina Zuzek demonstrates how companies can retain their best female employees.

A Commitment to Gender Balance

BCG's Alan Thomson speaks to the tangible benefits of gender balance in the workplace.

Energy Transition

BCG-WEF Project: The Net-Zero Challenge

BCG-WEF Project: The Net-Zero Challenge

The race to net-zero emissions will forever change the way many companies do business. The immediacy, pace, and extent of change are still widely underestimated. Early movers can seize significant advantage. This report shows how.

Commodity Trading & Risk Management

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

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Our Latest Thinking on Power & Utilities