InQbate by BCG:
Our Digital Banking Platform

Setting a new standard for digital banking.

Banking remains ripe for disruption, with opportunities for banks to bring fresh thinking to the digital space. Whether you’re starting from new or digitizing your existing business model, InQbate by BCG enables you to get to market faster.


Today’s banking customers expect smoother, more personalized online experiences, similar to those they receive from Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and Google. Most banks, however, struggle to meet these expectations due to complex processes, outdated technology, analogue governance and organizational structures, or a lack of a compelling digital proposition.

At BCG, we combined our deep expertise in banking, venture building, design, technology, and analytics into one offer, with one goal: to help companies create scalable digital banking propositions and distinct customer experiences—reliably and at speed.

InQbate by BCG is a digital banking platform and accelerator with all the fundamental building blocks you need to build a digital bank.

With its front-to-back and modular capabilities, InQbate by BCG enables banks to:

Re-establish and grow your market position

Tap into new demand spaces

Create a low-cost banking model

Banks have a clear opportunity to drive significant growth and value by transforming their digital banking capabilities, but they need to move fast. Customers have high expectations for personalized, intuitivebanking experiences. The longer banks take to meet these expectations, the more out of date—and out of touch—their offerings will seem. The bar is only going to rise.

Winning in this complex and challenging environment requires a quick, reliable, modular solution. Contact us at for more information on how to InQbate your digital bank.

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