Our Latest Thinking on Industrial Goods

Widespread digitization has only just begun and industrial product makers and service providers are already feeling the pressure to innovate to stay ahead. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on industrial goods for insight into the challenges the sector is facing and how to overcome them.


The True Cost of Food - Rectangle

The True Cost of Food

The environmental, economic, and social costs of food aren’t included in the price. Stakeholders must account for them to limit agriculture’s adverse effects and increase its positive impact.

Aerospace & Defense


Chasing the Software-Defined Dream Car - Rectangle

Chasing the Software-Defined Dream Car

Digital-age car buyers will favor customer-centric vehicles that can be personalized and updated just like a smartphone. Automakers must transform to tap this lucrative opportunity.

Building Materials


COVID-19 Impact on Chemicals

COVID-19 Impact on Chemicals – Managing Out of the Crisis

COVID-19 has a major influence on the dynamics in Chemicals. But the impact needs to be differentiated by chemical sectors as the demand patterns of customer industries, availability of raw materials or intermediates, etc, show diverging trends.

Forest Products, Paper, and Packaging


Machinery and Industrial Automation

Metals and Mining


Forging Sustainable Change at Tata Steel

When one of the world’s biggest steel companies ran into a crisis, it successfully launched a major change initiative—and integrated the ability to change into its DNA.


Transportation & Logistics

Industrial Goods