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Widespread digitization has only just begun and industrial product makers and service providers are already feeling the pressure to innovate to stay ahead. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on industrial goods for insight into the challenges the sector is facing and how to overcome them.

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Building Materials


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Can Carbon Help Decarbonize Chemicals?

Carbon transformation, or CO2 to X, is rapidly emerging as an economically viable alternative to fossil fuel-based chemical production. Big companies need to engage.

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The Lowest-Cost Path to Net Zero

By applying levers that reduce both carbon emissions and costs, industrial companies can generate savings to invest in further decarbonization initiatives.

Forest Products, Paper, and Packaging

Net-Zero Trucks

Net-Zero Trucks? Yes, It’s Possible.

The trucks used in industries like mining and agriculture burn diesel and emit a lot of CO2. Fortunately, replacement solutions exist—if companies understand the costs and benefits.

Metals and Mining

Machinery and Industrial Automation

Real Estate

Building the Housing of the Future | Hero

Building the Housing of the Future

Alternatives to traditional homes account for up to 6% of all new residential units built annually, and demand is predicted to continue. The construction industry must adapt.

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