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Disruptive digital technologies are, true to their name, massive drivers of change in business, but many organizations are not set up for digital success.

Despite ambitious digitization efforts, many leaders are disappointed to find that their IT function isn’t prepared to leverage the emerging technologies that drive digital disruption and economic change. As a result, their companies are struggling to reinvent products and services, meet changing customer demands, and keep pace with digital competitors.

IT functions must be transformed into world-class technology functions. To do this, digital must go beyond IT. Companies need to build up digital capabilities and increase efficiency and simplification, across the board. By embarking on this journey, leaders don’t just envision the company of the future—they create it. Crucially, IT systems are treated as a strategic partner and a digital business enabler, not a service provider.

How We Help Clients Design Their Tech Function

Companies can improve their IT efficiency, agility, capabilities, and security with a world-class tech function.

When working with clients, we first assess the maturity of the tech function, especially the company’s baseline digital capabilities—including the clients’ levels of efficiency and simplification—and compare the results against benchmarks. Next, we interview key business-side stakeholders about the tech function’s performance. On the basis of that analysis, we develop a heatmap to pinpoint digital strengths and weaknesses so that leaders can define their goals and target prime areas for optimization. Our world-class tech function assessment has been applied to more than a thousand clients around the world and across industries.

In the execution phase, our tech function consultants work collaboratively with clients to build new digital capabilities while simplifying IT systems to drive cost savings. We focus on boosting resilience to a variety of adverse developments, including cyber attacks, crises, and economic downturns.

Our approach starts with pilots and rapidly scales up to a comprehensive digital transformation. All new initiatives and adjustments are embedded in a transformation roadmap for the tech function, and the company selects KPIs to track the progress of individual initiatives and the success of the transformation. We also activate our specialty businesses in the execution phase:


BCG Platinion, accelera l'eccellenza digitale progettando e ingegnerizzando nuovi prodotti e servizi digitali, nonché architettando piattaforme scalabili per abilitare le capacità della tecnologia digitale per i clienti di tutti i settori.


BCG Digital Ventures va oltre la fornitura di servizi di consulenza, progettazione e tecnologia per formare team di venture strategici al fine di sviluppare, lanciare e far crescere rapidamente prodotti, piattaforme e aziende digitali trasformazionali.


I DigitalBCG Immersion Centers portano i clienti oltre l'esperienza tradizionale. Vi consentono di vedere in prima persona l'impatto del digitale sulla vostra azienda e sulla vostra strategia e sui cambiamenti che dovrete affrontare lungo il percorso.

Tech efficiency, or IT simplification, is becoming a high priority for the C-suite, as IT represents 0.5% to 15% of revenues. With our approach, and with funds yielded by efficiency improvements and increased effectiveness, companies can also rapidly adjust tech function priorities and budgets to support the digital transformation needed during this unprecedented economic uncertainty. A world-class tech function ensures this rapid “tech or IT cost takeout,” which can reduce IT costs by 5% to 15% within 12 months.

Our Client Work on World-Class Tech Functions

Working with BCG’s tech function consulting team, clients have achieved a rise in customer satisfaction and return on digital investment, delivery times (including faster time to market and shorter cycle time) that are two to four times faster than was previously possibly, a 15% to 25% reduction in software development costs, and a 15% to 20% shift from indirect technology activities (such as overhead) to direct technology activities that add immediate value.

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