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Leggi le nostre recenti pubblicazioni sulle Operation

Migliorare le operation non è mai stato facile e lo sviluppo del digitale ha aperto nuove sfide e opportunità. Capitalizzare su big data, apprendimento automatico e IA per aumentare l'efficienza è essenziale, ma richiede nuove competenze e una revisione della cultura aziendale. Leggi la recente pubblicazione di BCG sulla leadership in ambito digital operation e molto altro.

Featured Insights

Digital Operations

Organizing for Digital Operations at Scale

Organizing for Digital Operations at Scale

It’s not enough to establish the right organizational structure. Companies must also attract and retain digital talent and overcome the limitations of legacy IT systems.

Lean and Manufacturing

Supply Chain Management

Supercharging Supply Chains with Uber Platforms

Supercharging Supply Chains with Uber Platforms

Uberization is about to transform supply chains everywhere, as companies increasingly rely on the supply chain capabilities of external, platform-based ecosystems instead of building their own.

Procurement - Taming Tail Spend

Taming Tail Spend

Digital can help procurement teams gain a much deeper understanding of their purchases—and cut costs significantly.

European Procurement Roundtable

At BCG's 12th annual European procurement roundtable, in Barcelona, more than 50 chief procurement officers discussed strategy in times of disruption.

BCG’s Latest Operations Insights

Operations touches all aspects of the product journey, an increasingly interdependent and globalized process. Follow BCG on Operations on LinkedIn for a collection of insights and news from BCG’s Operations practice.

Design, Engineer, Build

Think Big

Behind Think Big is transparency and collaboration. That's how BCG conceives a successful large capital project. Let’s think big to make big things happen.

Service & Support

Robotics at your service!

Robotics at Your Service!

We all know the wonders of robotics technology, but it's in the services environment that the advent of robotics process automation has the ability to disrupt business efficiency.

Service 4.0: Transforming Customer Interactions

Service 4.0: Transforming Customer Interactions

Customers today have high expectations, but traditional service providers often fail to meet those demands. Service 4.0 represents a fundamental transformation that can help companies meet consumers' needs.

Cost & Efficiency

The Corporate Center of the Future

The growth of automation, digitalization, and virtual collaboration is putting pressure on companies to reimagine the way their corporate centers operate.

Change Management

Expert Interviews

Secrets Behind Successful Large Capex Projects

Secrets Behind Successful Large Capex Projects

Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Raggiungere l'eccellenza operativa nel moderno ambiente di business

Frédérik Jobert on Large Capital Project Management

External Innovation Basics from an R&D Expert

Olaf Rehse on Lean in Services

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